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Standard name Mercurius sulphuricus
Other names Hydrargyrum oxydatum subsulphuricum
Standard abbr. Merc-s.
Other abbr.
Scientific name
Other scientific names
Common names Turpeth mineral
Substance description Yellow precipitate. Turpeth mineral. HgSO4 2H2O. There is not a little confusion about the identity of this drug in the books. Turpeth is correctly given by Allen as HgSO4 2 HgO. Hering, who proved and introduced it, calls it Turpethum and Turpeth mineral, but gives the formula HgSO4. The Pharmacopoeia of the American Institute of Homeopathy describes the white sulphate, HgSO4, under the heading Mercurius sulphuricus, but says it is “mentioned in Allen's Encyclopedia” Vol. vi., p. 325; whereas it is Turpeth, the yellow precipitate, which is there spoken of. Trituration.
Distinctness DISTINCT
Classification Chemical substance – Compound – Inorganic


Materia medica


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