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Hugo Damm, 2013/12/04 22:21

Great Interview.

Is this interview audio recorded or on video?

Venkatesh.K.N, 2013/12/05 17:14

there is much to ponder in the article. especially criticizing Kent. In fact he seems to be more scientific and responsible in a way to fetch a respectable reputation to both Homeopathy and homeopaths.This is not only due to that he was once a skeptic & hence his opinion and views carry more weight, but the scheme of his Repertory is the so easiest one to understand being practical, that it is considered to be worth its weight in Gold.

On a serious pursuit of homeopathy, ultimately Hahnemann, Nash, Hering, Clarke & Kent and every other Master of homeopathy excepting a few superfluous writers, are understood as developers of the science of Homeopathy rather than each a separate school of thought.

Nevertheless the article is informative and worth reading.

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