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Arum Triphyllum.

Indian Turnip. Araceae.

Introduced by C. Hg., in 1856 (News, No. 9, page 66), after it had been applied, according to the reports of a lay practitioner, John Minz, Canton, Ohio (published by Daniel Shiel, see News), in desperate cases of scarlatina. It was characterized in a masterly way by Lippe, in 1852, in Am. Review, vol. iii, page 28. All his characteristics have been corroborated in many cases ever since, now twenty-seven years.

It had been proved by Dr. Jeanes, in 1844, long before it came into use, and in 1867 one of the best theses was handed to the Homeopathic College of Pennsylvania, by G. E. Gramm, which was partly printed in the Hahnemann Monthly. For two years Dr. Gramm had made provings on himself and a woman; besides confirming the formerly known effects of the drug, he very much widened its range of usefulness.

The chemical caution regarding the volatility of a so-called acrid principle is useless to us.

The first time the Arum triphyllum was given by an old woman, in a valley of Pennsylvania, when it cured one of the worst forms of scarlet fever, it was given in the form of powder from the dried bulb. Dr. C. Hg. applied, in his first cases of malignant scarlatina, in a damp cellar, in Cherry Street, the alcoholic tincture made from the dried bulb, and Dr. Lippe, who has given us all the characteristics used only potencies in alcohol, mostly the higher.

MIND. [1]

Unconscious of what he is doing or what is said to him.
Absence of mind; giddy.
Great delirium. ~ Scarlatina. ~ Typhus.
During delirium, boring in nose; picking at one spot, or at dry lips. ~ Typhoid.
Wakeful, restless, screaming; delirium part of the time.
Apathy. See 40.
Irritable disposition.


Complains of dizziness on being raised. ~ Scarlatina.
Dizziness and fullness, with absence of mind.
Light-headed, sleepy.
Dull, heavy head, morning.


Violent headache.
Dull headache, upper part feels cold as if open and without covering.
Headache, pressing on right or both sides; agg. from hot coffee; amel. after dinner and after breakfast.
Tearing in right forehead, temple and ear, down to maxillary bone.
Stitches over left eye.
Sudden shooting over left eye and occiput; repeating.
Tearing, darting, or stitches in temples.
Boring in right side, morning on getting awake.


Twitching on middle of forehead.
Twitching and fluttering of muscular fibres.
Pain and soreness of scalp to touch on crown of head.
Head burning hot. ~ Scarlatina.
Tinea capitis.


Aversion to light.
Dimness of sight, as if a veil were drawn before eyes, without pain or giddiness, spectacles do not assist vision.
Upper eyelids heavy, with headache.
Eyes feel as after shedding many tears.
Eyes heavy; sleepy.
Smarting of eyes.
Tension in lower lids as if swollen.
Quivering of left upper lid.
Water in eyes all day, most at outer canthi, edges of lids swollen.
Catarrh of lachrymal sac, with desire to bore into side of nose.
Stitches over left eye.
On turning eyes upward, shooting in occiput, mornings.


Burning and tearing in left ear.
Left parotid gland sore to touch. ~ Scarlatina.


Nose stopped up, agg. left side, must breathe through mouth, agg. mornings.
Sneezing; agg. at night.
Nose moist, but obstructed.
Discharge in morning streaked with blood; during day yellow thick mucus.
Fluent coryza, acrid.
Corrosive yellow nasal discharge, nostrils raw. ~ Diphtheria.
Acrid ichorous discharge, excoriating inside of nose, the alae and upper lips. ~ Scarlatina.
Drink passes up through nose.
Nose feels stopped up in spite of watery discharge. ~ Scarlatina.
He can only breathe with mouth open. ~ Scarlatina.
Nose stopped, with or without profuse yellow discharge.
Sneezing as from taking cold, with repeated chills over whole body, beginning in vertex; afternoon.
Nostrils sore, agg. left; nose, lips and face chapped, as from a cold wind.
Constant picking at nose until it bleeds.
Desire to bore into side of nose. ~ Catarrh of lachrymal sac.
Much sneezing at night with constriction of throat.
Great heat in face and head afternoons, with fluent coryza.
Discharge tough, yellowish, with swelling of soft palate and pressure.
Could hardly talk on account to phlegm in back part of nose; hawking difficult.


Face swollen and red.
Heat in face, afternoons; with coryza.
Swollen, bloated face. ~ Scarlatina.
Left face feels chapped, as if he had walked in cold wind.


Pain in joint of left inferior maxilla, as if sprained, when swallowing.
Lips as if scalded, mornings.
Lips chapped, as after exposure to cold wind.
Lips burning, swollen, cracked and bleeding.
Picks lips until they bleed, corners of mouth sore, cracked and bleeding. ~ Scarlatina.
Children will often pick and bore into raw surfaces, though doing so gives great pain, and they scream with it, but keep up boring. ~ Scarlatina.
Lips very sore and swollen, skin peeling off. ~ Diphtheria.
Appearance of raw, bloody surfaces, on lips, buccal cavity, nose, etc., with great itching. ~ Scarlatina.
Swelling of submaxillary and parotid glands, left agg. ~ Scarlatina.


Toothache in hollow teeth; left side, lower jaw; towards evening.


Tongue sore, red, papillae swollen and elevated. ~ Scarlatina.
Tongue cracked, burning, painful.
Pain on left margin of tongue.
Root of tongue and palate feel raw.
Round spots on tongue as if scalded.
Tip of tongue sore, with round sore spots.
Smarting on tongue and fauces.
Tongue cracked and bleeding.
Dryness and stiffness across tongue immediately anterior to and on a line with anterior arch of palate, with astringent feeling as strong as after eating persimmons.
Tongue red, papillae rough, dry in centre.
Strawberry tongue.


Putrid odor from mouth. ~ Diphtheritis.
Mouth felt so sore inside that he was unwilling to drink. ~ Scarlatina.
Excessive salivation; saliva acrid. ~ Scarlatina.
The mouth burns and is sore that they refuse to drink, and cry when anything is offered. ~ Scarlatina. ~ Diphtheria.
Buccal cavity raw and bleeding.
Scanty but constant discharge of tough mucus from mouth with burning in throat.
Mouth very dry, lips chapped.
Mouth dry, feels as if it would crack, has to get up at night to drink.
Mouth, lips and soft palate sore and burning, in morning.
Great sore feeling in mouth. ~ Scarlatina.
Cavity of mouth covered with diphtheritic deposit and ulcers. ~ Diphtheritis.


Sensation of swelling on soft palate, when swallowing; with discharge of nasal mucus, in morning.
Soreness, burning, and pains in palate; agg. when eating or drinking.
Tonsils much swollen.
Sore throat with much phlegm from nose through choanae.
Swelling in throat extends towards nose.
Fauces and nares ulcerated with a corroding acrid secretion.
As if tied together in throat, as if too narrow.
Constriction in throat (with sneezing).
Cannot chew nor swallow.
Refuses food and drink on account of soreness of throat. ~ Scarlatina.
The sore throat (after 7th day) returns; 12th day a stiff neck.
Constant scratching and burning in throat, with desire to swallow.
Desire to swallow with stitching in throat, which is painful to pressure.
Difficult deglutition.
Stinging burning sensation in throat.
Great burning and rawness in throat.
Burning in pharynx and glottis with soreness in chest.
A sensation of something hot in throat, more particularly during inspiration.
Burning pain in throat and in root of tongue, with dryness.
Burning in throat, in morning while in bed, amel. after rising.
Burning and dryness in throat, before midnight; after midnight and towards morning, much mucus in throat, which goes deeper and deeper down by swallowing, and is perceived no more in morning after rising.
Tenacious mucus, with tickling cough.
Putrid sore throat.
Throat and tongue very sore, burning pains, putrid ulcers in throat. ~ Scarlatina.
Throat livid, studded with deep angry looking ulcers having a fetid discharge. ~ Scarlatina.
Aphthous sore throat.
Swelling of glands on throat and neck.
Sore throat goes from right to left; neck stiff; left parotid sore.
Considerable swelling of submaxillary glands left side.


Children lose their appetite, don't want to play, lose flesh, have headache and scanty urine.
No appetite.
Desire to drink a little at a time.


Palate sore. See 13.
Worse drinking coffee, headache. See 3.
Worse drinking or eating. See 13.
Headache amel. after breakfast or dinner.
Eructations of ingesta after dinner.


Nausea; qualmish; giddy.


Cramps in stomach.


Pain in region of liver, first anteriorly, then posteriorly.
Pain under left short ribs.


Rolling in abdomen with frequent painful urging to stool, mornings.
Rumbling in bowels; flatulency.
Slight cutting pains, agg. about noon.
Between abdomen and legs sore moist places; same on os coccygis. ~ Scarlatina.


Painful urging, with rumbling, compelling to rise from bed; tenesmus towards evening.
Stool: watery, dark brown, with eructation of food; soft and painless, thin, yellow, in morning; soft, with tenesmus; at night, during sleep; each succeeding discharge more watery.
Diarrhea till noon, like mustard.
Diarrhea dark yellow fluid. ~ Typhoid fever.
Watery brown stool at noon.
From 3 to 8 A. M., watery brown discharge, often with tenesmus, sometimes with belching of food.
Burning in anus.
Great soreness between abdomen, genitals and thighs, on and below os coccygis.
Between abdomen and legs sore moist places.


Frequent discharge of pale urine.
Urine very abundant and pale. ~ Scarlatina.
Urine scanty or suppressed.
Very scanty secretion of urine, sometimes passing none for a whole day. (As soon as urine increases after it is given in scarlatina, the patient gets better. –Dr. L.) ~ Scarlatina.
Itching at mouth of urethra.


Tearing pain in right testicle, sometimes extending to abdomen, from noon till evening, repeatedly; comes suddenly and disappears suddenly.
Smarting at end of penis.


Cutting pain in either ovary.
Menstrual blood darker.
Menses checked for two months, returned.


Soreness and pain as if bruised in left mamma.
Lumps deep in left mamma, with aching pains.
Convulsions during dentition; right side lame; quivering of left upper eyelid.


Voice hoarse. ~ Scarlatina.
Great hoarseness. ~ Scarlatina.
To talk is an exertion.
Voice hoarse; also from overexertion of voice in speaking or singing.
Voice uncertain, uncontrollable, changing continually; now deep, hollow, then scarcely audible, and again high, shrieking.
Clergyman's sore throat; hoarseness, agg. from talking.
Voice hoarse, deep, or weak.
Loss of voice after exposure to N. W. wind.
Burning of glottis, or pharynx.
Must hawk in morning; hoarseness more before talking, amel. afterwards.
Constant pain in larynx. ~ Scarlatina.
In region of larynx considerable internal swelling of throat.
Internal swelling of trachea, first right and then left side.
Accumulation of mucus in trachea.
Mucus in trachea when coughing.
(In sick:) Hawked up a good deal of mucus. ~ Scarlatina.
(OBS:) Croup.


(OBS:) Asthma.
Asthmatic breathing, with chronic catarrh.

COUGH. [27]

Head and breast feel obstructed, full of mucus, without spitting.
Frequent coughing, with much mucus and much spitting.
Burning pain in lungs when coughing.
Tickling cough from mucus in trachea; at night after lying down, with inability to sleep and hoarseness.
Distressing, hacking cough, after getting awake.
Expectoration of much mucus.
(OBS:) Whooping cough.


Burning in lungs when coughing, extending to pit of stomach.
Raw feeling in chest.
Lungs feel sore.
Soreness in left lung and upper arm, with pressing in forehead.
Stitches in right lung and under right shoulder blade.
Head and breast feel obstructed by mucus.
Sensation of fullness in thorax and soreness in left lung and upper arm.
Pain in right side of chest near axilla, below and anteriorly.
Pain through left lung, about base of heart.
(OBS:) Consumption.


Pulse more frequent.
Pulse 140, hard and full. ~ Scarlatina.


Pain in left side of chest below left nipple.


Stiff neck; with intolerable pressing headache.
Pain in region of atlas and dentoid vertebra, extending to right side.
Sore, moist places on os coccygis.
Glands of neck and throat swollen. ~ Scarlatina.


Pressing in right shoulder and between blades.
Hands stiff and swollen.


Pain in right hip under trochanter.
Heaviness mostly in lower limbs; pain over hips.
Cramps in right leg on getting awake mornings.
Stinging, pricking or bruised pain in soles.
Pain in middle of left tibia (where there has been a discolored spot on skin for years).
In left foot painful sensation of dislocation, can hardly walk, most under ball of big toe; later same pain above knee; in front of thigh.
Tickling itching in centre of right sole.
Feet hurt her so that she cannot stand; pain even when drawing on stockings; hurts her so that it makes her sick at stomach.


Heaviness in all limbs, most in lower.


On falling asleep: starts smothering.
Standing: feet agg.
Lying down: cough agg.
On being raised: dizziness.
After rising from bed: burning in throat amel.

NERVES. [36]

Very great restlessness, child crying and throwing itself into all sorts of positions. ~ Diphtheritis.
Lassitude and low spirits.
Right side lame during dentition.
Very nervous.
Greatest weakness or exhaustion. ~ Typhus.
Spasms of arms and hands; thumbs drawn in.

SLEEP. [37]

Drowsiness immediately after sundown.
Child drowsy and stupid; dark, livid eruption. ~ Scarlatina.
Yawning in afternoon, with stretching and sleepiness.
Sleepy, yawning and sneezing at 11 A. M.; headache agg., eyes heavy.
Fell asleep sitting in chair soon after supper.
Sleeplessness from soreness of mouth and throat, or from itching of skin.
Nervous at night, cannot sleep.
Restless at night, with heavy head, lassitude; low spirits.
On falling asleep feels as if she would smother. starts as if frightened.
Bad night; very delirious 5th day of scarlet fever.
Restless tossing about in bed, desire to escape.
Before midnight burning in throat; after midnight mucus in throat and loose bowels.
At night; head agg.; sneezing; pain in throat; cold running over back; flushes of heat.
When getting awake: burning on right side of head; agg. coughing.

TIME. [38]

Morning: 3 to 8 A. M., diarrhea; head dull; boring in head; nose stopped; discharge from nose; lips feel scalded; mouth sore and burning; mucus from posterior nares; throat amel.; urging to stool; hawking; cramp in leg; burning side of head.
At 11 A. M.: sleepiness; sneezing; headache agg.; eyes heavy.
Noon: cutting pains agg.; watery stool.
During day: eyes water; thick mucus from nose.
Afternoon: sneezing and chills; heat in face and head; coryza; pain in testicle; sleepiness.
At 4 to 9 A. M.: flashes of heat; burning face.
Towards evening: toothache; tenesmus.
After sundown: drowsiness.
Night: sneezing; throat constricted; thirst; tenesmus; cough agg.; nervous; restless; head agg.; coldness; flashes of heat.
Before midnight: dry throat burns.
After midnight: mucus in throat; loose bowels.


Hot coffee: headache agg.

FEVER. [40]

Repeated chills, spreading from vertex, with sneezing as after taking cold, afternoons.
Chills running over body after much yawning, same hour on two days.
Cold running over body at night.
Dry, feverish heat of skin.
Flushes of heat, with burning face, 4 to 9 P. M.
Flushes at night.
Fever heat very intense. ~ Scarlatina.
Typhoid forms of fever; picking ends of fingers and dry lips till they bleed; boring nose; restless tossing about bed, wants to escape; unconscious of what he is doing or of what is said to him; urine suppressed; great weakness (last stages probably with uraemia).
Child falls into a typhoid condition, with apathy. ~ Scarlatina.


Pains come and go suddenly.
Much yawning, and cold running over body, at same hour as day before.


Right: headache; tearing in forehead; pain in testicle; side lame; stitches in lung; pain side of chest; pressing in shoulder; pain in hip; cramps in leg; itching on sole.
Right to left: sore throat; swelling of trachea.
Left: stitches over eye; quivering of eyelid; burning in ear; parotid sore; nostril stopped and sore; pain in inferior maxillary joint; swollen submaxillary glands; toothache; pain in margin of tongue; pain under short ribs; soreness and lumps in mamma; pain and soreness in lung and arm; pain above knee, in tibia and in foot.
Above downward: tearing in forehead.
Below upward: swelling in throat.
Before backward: pain in liver.


Upper part of head feels cold, as if open; eye lids as if swollen; face feels as if he had walked in a cold wind; lips as if scalded; mamma as if bruised; as if he would smother; as if soft palate was swelling; as if tied together in throat; as if dislocated in left foot and above knee.
Cutting: in abdomen; in ovaries.
Boring: in right side of head.
Stitches: over left eye; in temples; in throat, in right lung; under right shoulder blade.
Stinging: in throat; in soles.
Shooting: over left eye and in occiput.
Pricking: in soles.
Scalded feeling: in spots on tongue.
Burning: in ear; in lips; of tongue; in palate; in throat; in pharynx; in glottis; on root of tongue; in anus; in lungs; in upper arm.
Smarting: of eyes; on tongue; in fauces; at end of penis.
Soreness: of scalp; of tongue; of mouth; in palate; in chest; of left parotid; in left mamma; of lungs.
Rawness: in throat; in chest.
Scratching: in throat.
Tearing: in right forehead, temple and ear, to maxillary bone; in temples; in right testicle.
Aching: in left mamma.
Pressing: on sides of head; in forehead; in right shoulder and between blades.
Bruised pain: in left mamma; in soles.
Sprained feeling: in left maxillary joint.
Cramp: in stomach; in right leg.
Constriction: of throat.
Tension: in eyelids.
Undefined pain: in palate; on left margin of tongue; in region of liver; under ribs; in larynx; in right side of chest; through left lung; at base of heart; below left nipple; in region of atlas and dentoid vertebra; in right hip; over hips; in left tibia; in feet; in joint of left inferior maxilla.
Quivering: of left upper lid.
Fullness: in thorax.
Heaviness in all limbs.
Heat: in face and head; in throat.
Dryness: in throat; of tongue.
Itching: at mouth of urethra; in centre of right sole; eruptions.


Touch: scalp sore; parotid sore.
Pressure: throat painful.
Picking: nose, lips and fingers bleed.
Swallowing: pain in inferior maxilla agg.; sensation of swelling: on soft palate.
Drinking: mouth burns agg.; pains in palate agg.
Eating: pains in palate agg.
Overexertion of voice: hoarseness.
Talking: hoarseness agg.; hoarseness amel.
Coughing: burning in lungs; burning in head.
Drawing on stockings: feet pain.

SKIN. [46]

Itching with desquamation, following a scarlet rash.
Eruption all over body, with much itching and restlessness. ~ Scarlatina.
Exanthema like scarlet rash; skin peels off afterwards.
Desquamation a second or third time, in large flakes, in scarlatina.
Little round, red, hard pimples all over body, legs, arms and face.
Eruption more in patches than uniform. ~ Scarlatina.
Scarlatina, when characteristic symptoms of nose, mouth and throat (See 7, 12, 13) are present; fever very intense; in one case rawness down inner side of thighs.
Appearance of petechiae. ~ Scarlatina.


Clergymen, orators', singers', actors', auctioneers' sore throat; even the highest potencies, one drop, have restored the voice in a few hours.
Boy, aet. 6. ~ Scarlatina; after Bellad., Ant. tart., Sulphur and Lycop. were of little use.


This remedy should not be given low or repeated often, as bad effects often follow. –L.
Antidotes: buttermilk; Lac. ac.; Acet. ac.; Pulsat.
Family relations: Arum dracon.; Arum mac.; Calad.
Compare: Ailant. (in scarlatina, depressing, stupid, drowsy sleep); Amm. carb. (acrid discharge from nose, in scarlatina, but right parotid more decidedly affected, and drowsiness is marked); Amm. mur. (in scarlatina, discharge from nose thicker, making nose sore inside, nose being stuffed up only at night or only on one side); Argent. nitr. (tongue in scarlatina has erect, prominent papillae; fells sore, tip red and very painful; painful and red blotches on left side of tongue); Arsen. (excoriating discharge from nose, blueness of rash, restless after midnight); Canthar.; Capsic. (throat); Castor. (discharge from nose in scarlatina is watery and acrid, but associated with a violent, tearing pain at root of nose); Caustic. (hoarseness); Cepa (nasal discharge); Crocus (elevated papillae, but tongue white); Hepar (hoarseness); Hydr. ac.; Iodium; Kali hydr. (discharge from nose in scarlatina very similar, but soreness of mouth differs in that tongue and mouth are ulcerated, with soreness but no salivation; food and drink are refused on account of great pain caused by ulcerated condition; after abuse of Mercur., frequently recurring attacks of fluent coryza, with burning in nose and sensation of a ligature, preventing passage of air); Laches.; Lycop. (similar discharge from nose in scarlatina; concomitant symptoms are headache, with much thirst at night, burning blisters on tip of tongue, breathing injured by stuffed nose discharging burning ichor, child cross on awaking); Mercur. (excessive salivation); Mezer. (discharge from nose in scarlatina, slightly streaked or tinged with blood); Mur. ac., Nitr. ac. (similar discharge from nose in scarlatina; stinging, pricking ulcers in throat, almost always accompanied by cough, with hoarseness); Phytol., Sanguin., Silic. (discharge from nose in scarlatina similar, but nose bleeds readily from soreness); Sulphur.
Useful after; Hepar and Nitr. ac. in hoarse, dry, croupy cough, and in scarlatina, etc.; after Caustic. and Hepar in hoarseness in morning, and deafness; after Seneg. in soreness and redness of throat.
Incompatible: Calad., which is too similar.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 02, 1880
Description: Clinical materia medica of Arum triphyllum
Remedies: Arum triphyllum
Author: Hering, C.
Year: 1880
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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