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Standard name Arum triphyllum
Other names
Standard abbr. Arum-t.
Other abbr.
Scientific name Pinellia ternata (Thunb.) Makino
Other scientific names Arum bulbiferum Salisb.; Atherurus ternatus (Thunb.) Blume; Arum bulbosum Pers. ex Kunth; Arisaema ternatum (Thunb.) Schott; Pinellia fornicata (Roth) Pritz.; Arum macrourum Bunge; Alocasia ternata (Thunb.) Raf.; Arisaema macrourum (Bunge) Kunth; Pinellia angustata Schott; Arum ternatum Thunb.; Arum subulatum Desf.; Arum triphyllum Houtt.; Typhonium tuberculigerum Schott; Pinellia koreana K.Tae & J.H.Kim; Arisaema loureiroi Blume; Hemicarpurus fornicatus Nees; Pinellia tuberifera Ten.; Arum fornicatum Roth; Arisaema cochinchinense Blume; Pinellia cochinchinensis (Blume) W.Wight; Arum atrorubens Spreng.
Common names “the Jack-in-the-pulpit”; Indian turnip; American Wake Robin
Substance description A tincture is prepared from the fresh root
Distinctness DISTINCT
Classification Organism – Plantae – Magnoliophyta – Liliopsida – Alismatales – Araceae – Pinellia


Materia medica


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