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Kali Carbonicum.

Potassium carbonate. K2O, Co2.

Provings by Hahnemann, Gersdorff, Goullon, Hartlaub, Nenning, Rummell and Robinson. See Allen's Encyclopaedia, vol. 5, p. 281.


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MIND. [1]

Sudden attack of unconsciousness.
Cannot express herself; seems at a loss to know how to begin to say or do what she wishes. ~ Puerperal mania.
Dull, confused, stupid, as after intoxication.
Imagines seeing birds flying in room; he tries to catch them.
Great aversion to being alone.
Dread of labor.
Weeps much.
Alternating mood, at one time good and quiet, at another excited and angry at trifles; constantly in antagonism with herself; frequently hopeful, frequently despondent; frets about everything; peevish, impatient, contented with nothing. ~ Melancholia.
Timid and apprehensive of future and about her disease.
Fear of being alone; fears she will die.
Anxiety with fear.
Despondency in open air; disappears on entering house.
Peevish, irritable; noise is disagreeable; easily startled, especially if touched; intolerance of human voice.
Irascible and passionate.
Very easily frightened; shrieks about imaginary appearances; starts when touched.
Is frightened and cries out whenever he is touched lightly on his feet.
Delirium in the night. ~ Pleurisy.


Giddiness, nausea, pressure in stomach.
Vertigo: when rapidly turning head or body; evening and morning; on turning around; as if proceeding from stomach; loss of consciousness; frequent dullness of head as after intoxication, and as if ears were stopped up, with nausea almost unto vomiting; when walking; as if head was too light, must take hold on something; and vomiting; after eating, with heat in head, red face, darkness before eyes; sometimes one cheek hot the other cold; must lie down as soon as attack comes on, otherwise he is thrown down; before he falls he has stitching pain in forehead, root of nose and in eyes; attacks several times a day.


Pressure and drawing tearing in forehead, extending into eyes and root of nose.
Pressure in forehead, with photophobia.
Pressive headache in forehead, in afternoon, while walking, with peevishness.
(In sick:) Sensation in forehead as of a hot body having descended into it when stooping.
Drawing in forehead, in forenoon and at midnight.
Pressure and tension in forehead and eyes.
Pressing in front of head and temples, extending into eyes, with heat in face and head. ~ Sick headache. ~ Blepharitis. ~ Catarrhal fever.
Stitches in forehead and temples, agg. stooping, moving head, eyes or jaw; amel. raising head and from heat.
Stitches into eyes and root of nose: with catarrh; before falling down with vertigo.
Pinching and tearing pain in left temple at intervals.
One-sided headache, with nausea.
Tearing drawing in left half of head.
Constant sensation of something loose in head, turning and twisting toward forehead.
Congestion to head, with throbbing and humming.
Congestion of blood to head, with intoxication arising from it.
Congestive and catarrhal headaches, with dry, hard cough.
Pressive headache.
Headache: from riding in a carriage; from coughing or sneezing; on awaking from sleep; from coryza; with nausea; with toothache; with backache; with intermittent; with great heaviness during menses.
Jerking in head from behind forward; dark before eyes, unconscious; amel. from drink of cold water; remains weak and nauseated.
Pressing pain in back of head.
Aching in occiput, toward nape of neck, amel. in open air.
Morning headache with vertigo, aching and stitches in occiput, felt only during motion; sharp, shooting pains from upper dorsal spine into occiput.
(In sick:) Violent pressure over whole skull, down nape of neck, throbbing in head and whole body agg. by slightest contact, and increasing in paroxysms with violent nausea and vomiting of bile.


Liability of head to take cold from a draft, after being heated causing headache or toothache.
Painful tumors on scalp, like blood boils; agg. from pressure and motion, amel. from heat; itching as if in bones.
Wens on scalp.
Hair dry, brittle, falling off, mostly from temples, eye-brows and beard; scalp itches and burns morning and evening; oozes if scratched. ~ Brain disease of children.
Great dryness of hair after nervous fevers.
Perspiration on forehead in morning.


Bright sparks, blue or green spots before eyes.
While reading or looking at a bright light: muscae volitantes; sharp, stitches; fog before eyes.
Weakness of vision.
Eyes weak: after coition; after abortion; after measles.
Inclination to stare.
Painful sensitiveness of eyes to daylight; photophobia.
Lachrymation, shunning light; pain deep in eyes.
Small round ulcers on cornea with no photophobia.
Pannus, always agg. after a seminal emission.
Asthenopia with sticking and drawing together of lids upon looking steadily at any object; burning, pressing pain in eyes; borders of lids red and swollen; palpebral fissure narrowed and palpebral conjunctiva hyperemic; constant photophobia, compelled to keep eyes closed most of the time; agg. after using; slight rheumatism.
Milky, whitish spot near middle of right cornea; vessels of conjunctiva injected; sees with right eye as if through fog or smoke; when looking toward light lachrymation; dizziness when stooping; cannot fix sight of any object steadily without water running from eyes and feeling of dizziness; artificial light appears to have rays all around it; eye symptoms agg. morning; bloating after meals; flatulency; obstinate constipation and stools too large in size; cracking now and then in right ear; expectoration of phlegm in morning with a salty taste. ~ Conjunctivitis and leucoma.
Redness of white of eyes, with many vessels in it.
Smarting, burning, biting, stitching pain in eye.
Sharp tearing in right orbit and eye at night.
Stitches in middle of eye.
Pressure in and above eyes.
Eyes painful on reading, as if pressed inward.
Corners of eyes ulcerate.
Soreness of external canthus, with burning pain.
Eyelids swollen; edges and canthi red; caruncula red and swollen; lachrymation and pain from bright light; pressing pain in front of head and temples into eyes, with heat in face and head; loss of appetite; after eating pressure in stomach; belching; nausea and emptiness in stomach; gagging and vomiting up slime; pressure and anxious feeling in chest; chilliness; cold feet; evening fever, with thirst; weariness and heaviness in limbs; face pale, dirty grey; restless sleep; great deal of yawning through day. ~ Blepharitis.
Lids swollen and inflamed; agglutinated, especially mornings.
Lids red, swollen; tarsi worse.
Eyelids, swollen, also left check and upper lip.
Lips of right eye inflamed, pain in eyes and inability to read.
Puffiness; swelling between eyebrows lids, like a sac.
Enormous bag-like swellings under eyes. ~ Erysipelas.
Edema of lids, especially if accompanied by sticking pains and heart indications.
Eyes sunken.
Sensation of coldness in lids.


Ringing, roaring, whizzing, singing, cracking noises in ears.
Headache with noises in ear after a cold drink.
Hearing impaired, dull. ~ Rheumatism.
Tearing in ears.
Stitches from within outward; also with drawing behind ears; otitis.
Face pale, sometimes flushed; head and right ear hot; pain stitch-like, drawing, especially behind ear; cheek swollen; little appetite; mouth dry; high fever with dizziness; chilliness, shuddering, some thirst but little desire to drink; anxiety in chest; pulse accelerated, uneven; weary in all the limbs.
Violent itching or tickling in ears.
Redness and heat of outer ear.
Right ear hot, left pale and cold. ~ Gastritis.
Discharge of yellow liquid cerumen or pus.
Parotids, especially right, inflamed, swollen, hard.


Dull sense of smell, especially from catarrh.
Fluent coryza; excessive sneezing; pain in back, headache and lassitude.
Violent fluent coryza in evening, with frequent sneezing and headache, rough voice.
Dry coryza, with loss of voice or hoarseness; mucus in throat, or sensation of a lump.
Dryness or stoppage of nose.
Obstruction of nose, making breathing through nostrils impossible; amel. when walking in open air, returns in room; itching in nose; fetid, yellow green discharge from one nostril.
Coryza: thick yellowish discharge with great lassitude; purulent, fetid discharge from one nostril; yellow, green or bloody mucus; sore, crusty nostrils; complete closure of nostrils.
Burning in nose; ulcerated nostrils; bloody, red nostrils every morning; external nose red, swollen; stinging pains.
Sore nose; mucous membrane swollen, covered with pimples and brown crusts; tip and wings red, swollen, with sore, stinging pain; headache; pain in stomach; nausea; belching; pulsation in abdomen; pain in limbs.
Nose thick and red.
Nose swollen, hard, red from tip to root.
Alae nasi red, swollen, suppurating, covered with yellow and grey crusts; burning pain. ~ Stricture of esophagus.
Frequent bleeding of nose.
Nosebleed: when washing face; every morning at 9.
Itching in nose.


Paleness of face after a meal.
Face: red and hot; one cheek hot, the other cold; purple, bloated; dark red during cough, otherwise pale; pale, with weakness; sickly; with pale lips; sallow; grey; yellow; bloated, in morning.
Swelling of face, especially over eyes.
Stinging in cheeks; tearing stitches from a molar into forehead, eyes and temples.
Drawing pain in face.
Pimples on face and eyebrows, with redness and swelling.
Freckles; light brown spots; old warts; papulous eruptions.


Upper lip swollen; bleeding rhagades.
Scurf upon upper lip.
Dry lips. ~ Sick headache.
Lips: peel, chap, swell or ulcerate.
Itching on chin.
Hard swelling of submaxillary glands.
Swelling of lower jaw, with looseness of teeth and enlarged submaxillary glands.


Toothache, tearing, lancinating, with pains in facial bones.
Stitch pain and tearing from new molar into temple, front of head and eye; dizzy heaviness of head; bad alkaline smell from mouth; constant chilliness; dry skin, can't perspire; agg. from chewing. ~ Toothache.
Stitches in teeth, with swelling of cheeks.
Pressive toothache in root of last hollow back tooth in evening.
Drawing toothache as soon as she gets into bed in evening, not during day.
Boring, pressive toothache, always after dinner, as if something go into tooth.
Toothache only when eating; throbbing; agg. when touched by anything cold or warm.
Teeth are loose.
Bad smell from teeth.


Taste bitter; flat.
Tongue: white, with bad taste; after cold drinks; pale, greyish, in dyspepsia; coated grey, with sick headache.
Tongue swollen, covered with vesicles, tip burns as if raw, frenum sore.
Burning on tip of tongue, as if it was raw or covered with blisters.
Soreness of tip of tongue.
Painful pimple on tip of tongue.


Bad alkaline smell from mouth (toothache); smell like old cheese (scarlatina).
Foul taste in mouth; very slimy mouth.
Much saliva constantly in mouth.
Mouth dry: with increased saliva, in otitis; with stricture of esophagus; in gastritis.
Dryness in mouth, without thirst, in evening.
Vesicles, painful, burning, all over inner mouth.
Sticking and biting in posterior portion of palate.
Chronic catarrhal inflammation of mouth and fauces.


Sticking pain in pharynx, as if a fish bone was sticking in it, if he becomes cold.
Much mucus in fauces, which she is constantly obliged to remove by hawking; sharp stitches in eyes while reading and sewing.
Tenacious mucus in fauces and posterior of pharynx, mornings; difficult to hawk up; sensation as of a lump.
Scraping in throat, it feels dry, parched and rough.
Throat rough, with cough.
Crawling in throat, causing hemming and coughing, and a feeling of tightly adhering phlegm.
Throat feels as if squeezed, as if lungs came into throat.
Sensation as if a stick extended from throat to left side of abdomen, as if stick had a ball on each end.
Difficult swallowing; food descends esophagus slowly and small particles of food easily get into windpipe.
Stinging when swallowing; frequent desire to swallow saliva, but frequently cannot, causing a choking.
Pain in back when swallowing.
When swallowing, food remains half way, with gagging and vomiting. ~ Stricture of esophagus.
Pain in throat; dryness and sensation of something hard in swallowing; pain extended to stomach, burning, stitching, but only felt during deglutition; finally pain concentrated in centre of chest, where, in a small space, deglutition of food found na impediment, and remained fast, till it passed after a while with excruciating pain, followed by rush of blood to head, vomituritio and nausea; when swallowing fluid, but especially solid food, pressing, tensive pain at a point of chest, with sensation of a hard body preventing food from reaching stomach; simultaneously, burning, stitching pain in back; three corresponding vertebrae always painful, and patient shrieks when even slightly touched there; cannot sleep on back during night; restless sleep, after midnight; dry lips; dry mouth and throat; tongue coated whitish grey; severe habitual headache; pressing as of a stone, in forehead and vertex, every morning, with vertigo.
Pointed, greyish yellow complexion; dull eyes, lids glued together in morning; swelling of nose, hard, red, from top to root, on tip, red, elevated; ulcerated nostrils, covered with yellowish brown crusts, with burning pains.


No appetite; disgust for food, or ravenous appetite.
Intense thirst.
Desire: for acids; for sugar and sweets.
Aversion to food, especially meat; it has a good taste when he eats, yet he does not eat much.
Aversion to rye bread.


When eating: particles of food easily get into windpipe; toothache.
Eating or drinking: agg. cough after measles.
During eating: sleepy.
After eating: burning from stomach to throat; colic renewed; abdomen, distended; pressure and fullness in stomach; stomach replete, especially after soup or coffee; sour eructations; nausea, faintness, pressure in stomach ang gagging, with palpitation.
Wants to eat frequently on account of gone feeling in stomach, but least food oppresses her. ~ Sick headache.
When hungry, feels anxious, nauseated, nervous, tingling; cough and palpitation amel. after breakfast.
Milk and warm food disagree.


Eructations sour; frequent in morning.
Uprisings of food and acids, following great uneasiness starting from pit of stomach.
Uprising of water from stomach, much of which she expectorates.
Nausea: and loathing; from emotions; with anxiety and faintness; after a meal; on every inward emotion; during pregnancy.
Sick during a walk, no vomiting, feels as if she must lie down and die; pregnancy.
Retching, vomiting of ingesta and slime; sour.
Vomiting of food and acids, with nausea.


Great sensitiveness of epigastric region externally.
Throbbing in epigastric region, which is painful to touch.
Throbbing in pit of stomach, like a violent palpitation.
Emptiness and gone feeling in pit of stomach.
Stitches in pit of stomach; anxiety.
Pit of stomach swollen, tense, sensitive to touch.
Swollen feeling about whole epigastric region.
Painful sensation of emptiness in stomach, and after eating ever so little great feeling of fullness and pressure, which soon gives way to sensation of goneness; burning after eating, and rising from stomach to throat.
Stomach distended, sensitive; feels as if it would burst; excessive flatulency; everything she eats or drinks appears to be converted into gas.
Swelling of stomach and abdomen.
Constant feeling as if stomach was full of water.
Pressure in stomach like a heaviness, after eating.
Attacks of pressure in stomach, extending up into chest.
Burning acidity rising from stomach, with some spasmodic constriction.
A feeling in stomach as if cut to pieces.
Violent throbbing and cutting in stomach.
Digging in stomach.
Pain in great cul de sac radiating to chest, to back and extremities; pains in back and legs after eating.
Pressing, tensive pain, awakens at 2 A. M.
Stomach sore externally to pressure.
Severe cutting, lancinating pains in pit of stomach, agg. night, and especially after midnight; must lean forward; mouth, throat and lips dry at night; rhagades on lips; thirst off and on; pulse 100; constipation, discharges painful, or diarrhea; sensitive spot in gastric region on pressure. ~ Gastralgia.
Pain in stomach, agg. stooping; pit of stomach bloated, tense, hard and sensitive to touch; eats little, and even this causes pressure in stomach; stool dry; urine red, three times in night, the more the pressure the less it flows; chilliness all the time; cold hands and feet, and paleness of face. ~ Gastricism.
Severe cardialgia, stomach not tolerating least amount of food; vomiting and fainting; continual severe pressure, bloatedness of stomach, in pit and around lower edge or ribs, agg. from motion; pressure from tea and milk, which is the only food she can take; eructations; vomiturition; pressure in the chest and back; pains in the sacrum; horripilations; constant inclination to urinate; no sleep.
Headache, pressing, tense, from occiput to forehead, beginning in morning after a restless sleep full of dreams, continuing more or less during day, with congestion to head; dim eyes and blue eyelids; at same time much nausea; pressure in stomach, agg. after eating; aversion to food; sensation of bloatedness and fullness of abdomen; beating in epigastrium; a few mouthfuls, satisfy her, food causing fullness and bloatedness, with yawning; eructations; congestions; tongue coated white; urine pale, yellow, muddy; chilliness; malaise; cold feet; melancholia; buzzing in ears; stitches in chest and back; headache agg. during menses. ~ Cardialgia and headache.
After sleepless night headache with vertigo; pressure, tension in forehead and eyes; greyish coated tongue; thirst, dry lips, and total aversion to food; fullness in stomach and nausea; respiration difficult, anxious; features pale, pointed; eyes sunken; horripilations and chilliness; sometimes heat in head; no sleep; sensitive and irritable; hands and feet cold.
Emptiness in stomach with desire to eat; after eating lightest kind of food, nausea, gagging and vomiting; throbbing in pit of stomach, almost taking her breath, with constant yawning; stool dry; stomach bloated, tense and painful to pressure; awakens early in morning with headache and dizziness, and feels nauseated at sight of food.
Pit of stomach swollen, tense, sensitive to touch; deep in that region is felt a lump as large as a fist, quite sensitive to pressure; feet cold and edematous; loss of appetite; cough with anxiousness; feels empty, gone in pit of stomach, but eating causes fullness, heaviness, tension in pit of stomach with difficult breathing; nausea with yawning, and throbbing in precordial region; stool torpid, dry; palpitation of heart, ebullition with heat from abdomen to head; pulse weak and uneven, now quick, now slow; pain in back and small of back; weary in limbs; chilliness all day; restless sleep.
Pressure and heaviness in stomach and chest, agg. in damp weather; desire to eat frequently, on account of sensation of goneness in stomach, but least food oppresses her, and the first morsel produces nausea, vomiturition and vomiting, followed again by sensation of emptiness and goneness in stomach; palpitations which nearly take her breath away; must yawn continually, so that tears run from eyes; stool dry; must get up several times during night to pass urine, which is pale, but muddy, as if mixed with dust; abdomen bloated, especially at pit, and painful to pressure, so that she hardly can bear pressure of clothing; takes a long while, in evening, to fall asleep, but then sleeps quietly; in morning, awakes with headache, vertigo, and even sight of food produces nausea.
Burning, pressure and aching in pit of stomach, extending over chest to pit of throat; after eating, cutting in left side of stomach, and very painful grasping, extending over chest; in middle of chest feeling of a hard ball, with great pressure, extending to back; gulping up of phlegm relieves, but pain soon returns, with heavy beating in pit of stomach; frequent stitch pains and tearing in limbs; heat and ebullitions towards head; frequent chilliness and shuddering; cough agg. evening and morning, with greyish, greenish, lumpy expectoration; pulse small.
Everything she eats produces continual pressure; tension in stomach and pit of stomach; small portions of coffee or weak soup fill her up, with eructations; nausea and vomiting; frequent headache and toothache; hot flashes, with abdominal pulsations; vertigo; continual chilliness; cold feet; internal chilliness, with constant inclination to micturate, but urine flows slowly and causes a burning sensation; stool dry, retarded; epigastrium bloated, tense, at pit hard and painful to least touch; respiration heavy, oppressed, especially when walking; when stooping, pain at pit of stomach agg., respiration more oppressed; pain frequently moves to back; features pale, edematous around eyes; sleep restless and dreamy; skin dry; is obliged to keep in bed.
Woman, aet. 35, after childbed, pressing, tensive pain in pit of stomach, wakening out of sleep about two or three o'clock A. M.; empty feeling in stomach; little eating or drinking causes fullness and pressure in stomach; loathing, gagging, vomiting; pressure spreads to left ribs, to liver and into back; is attended with belching, nausea, pressing pain in forepart of head into eyes, and chilliness and shuddering; face pale; eyelids swollen; tongue pale greyish; stomach bloated and hard, painful to pressure; pulse weak, uneven.
Boy, aet. 16, has gradually lost his appetite; all food he likes causes nausea; frequently, empty gone feeling in stomach; dryness of mouth; dry stool; turbid urine; face pale; eyes dim; pressure in front of head and eyes, with heat in head and flashes of heat; right ear hot; left ear pale and cold; after washing in cold water, red spots on face, evening and morning dry cough with burning in chest; feels week and constantly chilly, now and then stitch pains in limbs and about ribs; eruption of vesicles on back and thighs, which itch greatly in evening; weakness of sight since measles; a fog before eyes when reading.
A boy, aet. 11, vertigo, nausea, vomiting; after every meal has vertigo, pain in forehead, heat of head, redness of face, dimness of vision; cheeks, ears and forehead red, eyes surrounded by rings and sunk in; one cheek often hot, the other cold; if he does not at once lie down he gets such severe vertigo that everything seems to be whirling round, and even if he catches hold of something he falls to the ground, where he lies with staring eyes, and objects seem distorted; before he falls has shooting pain in forehead, root of nose and eyes; vertigo chiefly when walking, stooping at work and on exertion, also sometimes at night; had frequently to be carried home from his work in fields; after attack, stupefaction, loss of consciousness, sopor sometimes with delirium and followed by exhaustion; pale, greyish yellow complexion, with dim, dull eyes, and grey, furred tongue; appetite not deficient, but nothing tastes good; after least morsel feels too full, and can eat no more; pressive pains in stomach and scrobiculus; rumbling in bowels, much thirst, frequent yawning, urine scalds and is fetid; scrobiculus cordis distended, painful when pressed; at night frequent desire to pass urine; diarrhea; chilliness in evening, often cough with much muco-purulent expectoration; difficult, anxious breathing, especially when walking; sleep disturbed, full of dreams; in morning exhausted, fetid smell from mouth, also noticed by day.
After drinking cold water while overheated, difficult respiration, formication, pressure in stomach, nausea and vertigo; since then gastric derangement, vertigo, headache, noise in ears, rumbling in bowels, bellyache, eructations, empty feeling in stomach, debility; bad taste, white tongue; feeling as if stomach was full of water, wabbling when moving or stooping; staggering and sensation of unsteadiness of heart when walking or driving, nausea, yawning, deep inspirations, fullness in scrobiculus cordis and beating there; frequent desire to urinate, urine light yellow and turbid; sleep good, sleepy by day; eyes red, constant chilliness, cannot get warm even at his work; difficulty of perspiring; very weak.
Pyrosis after eating or drinking (especially cold water), also at night; fluid regurgitated, tasted saltish, and often like lime water; aching in epigastrium; pain in left hypochondrium, sharp aching or shooting, or with sense of dragging or weight, agg. at night; dragging or creeping in right side, extending to shoulder; after eating, distension of stomach and abdomen; often throws up thick acid mucus; agg. from animal, and almost all vegetable food, except bread stuffs; frequent stinging burning aphthae upon tongue, cheeks and inside of lips; sluggish bowels; hemorrhoids, often bleeding, with burning and tenesmus, and sore, swollen abdomen; head heavy and confused; rheumatic gnawing pains about shoulders and joints at night, agg. in damp and windy weather; has been in habit of taking enormous doses of magnesia.
Bloatedness of stomach, headache, chilliness, heat, nausea, thirst, bitter taste, gagging, vomiting; pressure in front of head and eyes; grey yellowish tongue; thirst; after eating, pressure and fullness of stomach, and loathing; breathing heavy; anxious; face pale; heat in head; no sleep.
Pressure in region of stomach, agg. in right hypochondrium; pain agg. after meals, amel. after eating a very small quantity of food; pains generally agg. in morning, not extending very far and rarely going to back, mostly spreading over half of sternum when there occurs also oppression of breathing; marked relief of pain when assuming a straight position or when bending backward; sensitive to pressure in right hypochondrium over region of stomach; every three to four days scanty, hard, lumpy stool; menses have not appeared for several months, leucorrheal discharge every four weeks; emaciation. ~ Perforating ulcer.
Dyspepsia of aged persons rather inclined to obesity, or after great loss of vitality; repugnance to all food; constant chilliness, cold hands and feet; no sweat however great the heat.


Feeling of heat, burning, pinching sticking in hepatic region.
Wrenching pain in liver on stooping.
Pains in liver through to back. ~ Keratitis.
Pressure extending towards liver, as if starting from right breast, with throbbing in epigastric region, which is painful to touch.
Painful stitches in right lumbar and region of liver, with tension across abdomen; stitches agg. on motion; must sit stooped forward, with elbows on knees, and face in palms of hands; when walking stooped forward with hands on knees. ~ Hepatitis.
Stitch pain in right side of chest through to shoulder; pressive, sprained pain in liver; can lie only on right side; complete exhaustion; neither thirst nor appetite. ~ Icterus.
Pain in lower extremities; on lying down, cannot get her breath; stitching pain in right side, commencing in back, and going through chest, agg. at night, whether lying down or rising; agg. in cold air; stitching pains in knee, which sometimes swell; stitching pain through right shoulder and shoulder blade; appetite poor; stitching pains re-appear every year about time frost sets in; external warm applications cause the pains to move to other places. ~ Disease of liver with hydrothorax.
Painful stitches in right lumbar region and region of liver, with tension across abdomen; stitches agg. on motion or deep inspiration, and particularly from any unguarded motion; amel. sitting stooped forward, elbows on knees and face resting on palms of hands; in moving about room stooped forward, steadying body by placing hands on knees to guard against any sudden motion. ~ After acute hepatitis.
Swelling of liver; abscess.
Icterus, biliary colic.


Shooting and stitching pains in abdomen. ~ Phlegmasia dolens.
Epigastrium swollen, hard, sensitive; pulsations therein; pains in hepatic and umbilical region, also on both sides of inferior parts of stomach, down into bladder and testes.
Cutting, shooting, darting stitching all over abdomen.
Stitch pain in right side of abdomen, agg. from motion.
Frequent, slight cutting about umbilicus.
Cutting pain in left side of upper abdomen, extending from lower portion of left chest, where there is a sticking at same time.
Cutting in abdomen, as if torn to pieces.
Cutting in intestines violent; must sit bent over, pressing with both hands, or lean far back for relief; cannot sit upright.
Cutting and drawing in abdomen, like false labor pains.
Frequent cutting in abdomen, as before diarrhea.
Labor-like colic, with pain in back.
Colic, as if intestinal canal was full of water.
Throbbing in abdomen.
Heaviness and unrest in abdomen.
Feeling of coldness in abdomen, as if cold fluid passed through intestines, during menses.
Fullness, heat and great distension in abdomen, immediately after eating a little.
Tension across abdomen; heaviness, inactivity, coldness.
Hard distension of abdomen, with painfullness of umbilical region to touch
Abdomen distended with wind, after eating.
Incarceration of flatus with colic.
Feeling of tension of lower abdomen, and sensation of heaviness in it, while sitting and walking.
Pressure in lower part of abdomen on stooping.
Stitches in lower abdomen.
Abdominal muscles painful to touch.
Stitches and painful bloatedness in groins.
Swelling of inguinal glands. ~ Nephritis.
Yellow scaly spots on abdomen and about nipples, becoming moist when scratched.


Discharge of much flatus.
Diarrhea: painless, with rumbling in abdomen and burning at anus; only by day; chronic cases, with puffiness under eyebrows; chronic, of dyspeptics; alternating with constipation.
(In sick:) Sudden, vehement desire for stool as in diarrhea, although stool is hard, with colic.
Insufficient soft stool; after much pressure most of it remains.
Ineffectual urging to stool, with a feeling as if rectum was too weak to expel it.
Constipation: in women whose abdominal organs are weak, in consequence of frequent miscarriages or multiple and difficult labors; cardiac palpitations; feeling of distension in breast; night sweats.
Stools: every eight to ten days, of large lumps; dry, too large in size; rectum inactive; feels distressed an hour or two before a passage; like sheep dung, passed with pain and exertion; light grey; frequent, soft, pale; yellowish or brownish, fecal; corrosive; soft, bloody; tough, dark, soft.
Blood with stool.
Before stool: anxiety, distressed feeling; white mucous discharge; sudden and violent urging; colic; pinching deep in abdomen; rumbling; stitches in anus.
During stool: paleness of face; cramps of stomach, nausea, eructation; pinching abdominal pain; colic; smarting at anus; nausea; rectum feels too weak to expel feces; painful straining extending into genitals; protrusion and distension of hemorrhoids, with pricking and burning.
After stool: itching about anus; anus feels as if lacerated; burning at anus; pinching pains; stinging, burning, tearing, screwing, biting.
Aggravation: at night; at 3 or 4 A. M.; during day; in evening; day and night; after milk. ~ Diarrhea.
Hemorrhoids; constipation due to inactivity of rectum; stool difficult, too large in size, accompanied by swelling and bleeding of hemorrhoids; discharge of blood from hemorrhoids during micturition.
Sensation as if anus was fissured; can scarcely convince patient to contrary: stinging, burning, tearing, screwing, itching, biting following even natural stool, setting patient almost crazy; walks floor back and forth for relief; cannot sleep at night on account of intolerable suffering; passage of feces difficult, owing to their great bulk. ~ Hemorrhoids.
Feels as if red hot poker was being thrust up rectum; temporarily amel. by sitting in cold water, and by sitting on foot so as to press on anus; bowels loose; profuse discharge of blood. ~ Hemorrhoids.
Burning and griping in rectum.
Large painful hemorrhoids; amel. after riding.
Large discharge of blood from swollen hemorrhoids, with natural stool.
Protrusion of hemorrhoids during diarrhea-like stool, with needle-like stitches and burning for many hours.
Sore pain in hemorrhoids.
Inflammation, soreness, stitches and tingling, as from ascarides, in the varices.
Pain in hemorrhoids during cough.
Proctitis, with violent stitching pain.
In anus; lancinations; stitches; sticking; tearing; cutting; stitches; soreness; itching; crawling; burning.
Violent itching in anus and scrotum.
Ulcerated pimples at anus.
Anal fistula.
Ascarides. ~ Infantile catarrh.


Stitches in region of the kidneys.
Tensive pain in left kidney; swelling of inguinal glands; edema of left foot, extending gradually to right and upwards over whole body; blackish urine, foams on shaking, on standing leaves a thick, reddish, slimy sediment; frequent soft, pale stools; after a blow on left side, and remaining for hours in wet clothes. ~ Nephritis.
Pressing; stitches, sometimes dull, at others acute, smarting in both renal regions; cutting tearing in neck and region of bladder; frequent urging to urinate, with slow discharge after long waiting and effort; frequent urination, urine at first increased, afterwards diminished; fiery, pale, greenish, dark yellow, muddy urine.
Violent cutting and tearing in bladder, neck of bladder and urethra.
Obliged to urinate frequently, but there is often pressure on bladder a long while before urine comes; even at night is obliged to rise several times on account of it, though he drinks but little.
Frequent urination, especially at night, with much pressure and scanty emission.
Urine: hot, scanty, frequent, sediment red, slimy; blackish, foaming when shaken; turbid; greenish; fiery, diminished.
Burning in urethra during and after micturition.
Urine flows slowly, with soreness and burning.
Prostatic discharge after micturition.


Sexual desire excessive, with burning sensation, or deficient.
After coition, weak, especially the eyes.
Emissions, followed by great weakness.
Pollutions, with voluptuous dreams.
Copious, painful pollutions, with subsequent painful erections.
Swelling of testes and spermatic cords.
Scrotum feels as if bruised.
Dragging in left testicle and penis.
Itching on scrotum.


Uterine tumor: with flatulency; stitching pains; spells of nausea; rising at night to urinate; dysuria; tendency to uterine hemorrhage.
Pain in small of back as though it was pressed in from both sides, with labor-like colic and leucorrhea; also during menses. ~ Uterine displacement.
Uterine prolapsus and piles.
Stitching pains in and about uterus; labor-like colic, leucorrhea; pain like a weight in small of back.
Stitching pains about tender uterus or all over abdomen at times. ~ Hysteralgia.
Nausea, vomiting, stitches through abdomen; great weakness.
Chronic inflammatory states of womb, with nausea and vomiting.
Uterine spasms, especially with profuse menses and intermissions in wave of pulse.
Severe uterine spasms when menses should appear but do not; head heavy and dull; feels hot and restless; menses usually profuse.
Acrid, offensive smelling, vitiated menstrual discharge, with chilliness and cramping pains in abdomen.
Promotes expulsion of moles.
Feels very badly a week before menses; congestion to brain and chest, hot flashes, burning pain in region of hips, intermitting pulse, stitches in chest.
Menses too early, scanty, of a pungent odor, acrid, covering thighs with an itching eruption.
Menses too early, too profuse and long lasting.
Continual profuse menstrual hemorrhages.
Profuse and long continued menses of bright red blood in females of sanguine temperament.
Menses suppressed, with anasarca or ascites.
After severe fright, three years previously, suppression of menses; frequent, severe pains in abdomen; tongue cherry red in color, sharp pains in left hypochondrium, agg. walking, also prevents her sitting down; agg. in evening with difficult respiration; face now pale, again very red; frequent attacks of one-sided headache, particularly at times when menses should have appeared, with severe pains in left side of forehead, which become throbbing in nature, particularly when working, and which cause tears to flow; headache in morning, amel. towards evening; pulse hard and full; frequent palpitation and epistaxis; lassitude and weakness in legs, agg. from slightest motion.
Amenorrheic and menorrhagic symptoms due to organic affection of heart, deficiency of healthy blood; acrid discharges.
Menses entirely suppressed, or when menses do not appear at age of puberty; difficult first menses.
Before menses: swelling of cheeks and gums; sour eructations; shooting pains over abdomen; colicky pains; nettlerash; increased sexual desire, with sensation of thrill as during an embrace, especially on awaking in morning; sour eructations; shooting or crampy pains in abdomen; itching of vulva; nocturnal restlessness; chilliness.
Violent colicky pain in abdomen before menses appear, constipation during menses.
During menses: headache with heaviness; coryza; swelling of parotid glands; pains in back, loins and abdomen, head, ears and teeth; itching of skin, nettlerash; lassitude, sleepiness; restless, dreamful sleep; foul taste in mouth, eructation, nausea, vomiting, distension and rumbling in abdomen; excoriation between legs; heavy aching in small of back and down buttocks; cutting in abdomen; griping colic with pressure in abdomen and groins; painful weight in groins; severe backache when walking; pain in back as from a heavy weight; pudendum sore, burns and itches; pressure in small of back and forepart of lower abdomen, as if everything would push out at genitals.
Pain like a weight in small of back during menses.
Great soreness about genitals, before, during and after menses.
Sore pain in vagina during coition.
Tearing in left labium, extending through abdomen to chest; pinching pain in labia; stitches through vulva; soreness, gnawing, burning, itching in vulva. ~ Vulvitis.
Pimples on vulva.
Mucous leucorrhea.


During pregnancy, sickness coming on only during a walk, without vomiting, and accompanied by a feeling, as if she could lie down and die.
Feels pulsation of all arteries, even down to tips of toes; feeling of emptiness in whole body, as if body was hollow; heavy and broken down feeling; it is only with greatest effort one can make any exertion.
Vomiting, with a swoon-like failing of strength; much colicky, stitching pain in abdomen. ~ Pregnancy.
Back aches so badly while she is walking that she says “she feels as if she could lie down in the street” to obtain immediate rest and relief.
Severe pains in small of back, during pregnancy, particularly forcing and pressing in character, as if a heavy weight came into pelvis low down, occasionally becoming very annoying; also stitching, pressing proctalgia.
Abortion: impending, with pains from back into buttocks and thighs; discharge of coagula; habitual; during second or third month.
After abortion, when there is great weakness of back and lower extremities, dry cough, long continued sweats, attacks of chilliness resembling ague, chronic inflammatory condition of uterus with nausea and vomiting.
Labor pains insufficient: violent backache, wants back pressed; bearing down from back into pelvis.
Sharp, cutting pains across lumbar region, or passing off down buttocks, thus hindering labor; pulse weak.
The pains are stitching and shooting, or they are in the back, shooting down into glutei muscles or buttocks; or pass off down thighs.
Easy confinement, but adherent placenta, which was removed eighteen hours after delivery of child; one week later a considerable metrorrhagia.
Sixty hours after delivery, two chills, pricking, nettle-like pains over whole back where it touched bed; frequent shocks of a few seconds duration.
Intense thirst, morning, noon and night continually; very rapid, small pulse; distressing cutting, shooting, darting and stitching pain all over abdomen, stitching pains being in ascendency, come one during perfect rest, and are not dependent upon motion of any kind; abdomen much distended; great exhaustion, with stupidity; does not seem to care for anything; urine scanty and dark. ~ Puerperal fever.
Severe hemorrhage from uterus due to atony of blood vessels, one week after labor.
After confinement: hemorrhage; hemorrhoids; peritonitis.
Tearing stitches in mamma; on flow of milk.
Sequela following confinement and miscarriage, especially in weak, debilitated constitutions; weak back, sweat, dry cough, prolonged metrorrhagia.


Aphonia, with violent sneezing; complete hoarseness.
Scraping, dryness, parched feeling in larynx.
Roughness of throat.
Dry coryza; total loss of voice and hoarseness; collection of mucus in throat and sensation of lump in throat; convulsive and tickling cough at night; choking and gagging unto vomiting, especially in morning.
Mucus seems to run from head to throat; hawks out easily white, thick and tasteless mucus, agg. in early part of day; breath offensive, agg. evening; catarrh alternates with leucorrhea, which is attended with backache, and is agg. in morning. ~ Chronic catarrh.
Chronic bronchitis when cold and damp have induced vascular irritation; severe, sometimes spasmodic, cough day and night; effort to bring up a few lumps of greyish mucus often determines retching and vomiting; breathing difficult and labored after frequent paroxysms of coughing.
Dry cough as if membrane prevented breathing in trachea, or as if some tough membrane was moved about by cough, without being able to expectorate it. ~ Cough after measles.


Weakness and weariness of chest, from rapid walking.
Sensation as if there was no air in chest, and he could not breathe.
Tension across chest, on expiration, while walking.
Stitches in chest, on inspiration.
Oppression of chest; shortness of breath in morning.
Spasmodic dyspnea.
Suffocation from dryness of larynx.
Difficult, wheezing breathing.
Breathing labored; after paroxysms of cough.
Dyspnea, agg. from drinking, from motion, cannot walk fast; arrest of breathing, awaking him at night.
Dyspnea with violent and irregular beating of heart; pulsation all over body, especially in hysteric women.
Asthma; must lean forward with head on knees, agg. in morning.
Continual pressure after eating; tension in stomach and pit of stomach; small portions of coffee or weak soup fill her up; eructations; nausea and vomiturition; frequent headache and toothache; hot flashes with abdominal pulsations; vertigo; continual chilliness; cold feet; internal chilliness, with constant inclination to micturate, but urine flows slowly and causes burning sensation; stool dry, retarded; epigastrium bloated; tense, at pit hard, and painful to touch; respiration heavy, oppressed, especially when walking; when stooping, pain at pit of stomach agg.; respiration more oppressed; pain frequently moves over ribs to back; face pale, edematous around eyes; sleep restless and full of dreams; skin dry. ~ Asthma.
Asthma, with habitual cough; paroxysm agg. during exertion or when walking; return every two or three hours, especially during evening and night; for several weeks paroxysms alternate with nightly diarrhea, combined with loss of appetite, headache, nausea, dry cough, restless sleep, pressure in epigastrium, hands and arms covered with bluish red places, like ecchymosis; extremities very tired.
Terrible attacks of asthma; aggravation at 3 A. M.

COUGH. [27]

Cough: paroxysmal, from tickling in throat, larynx or bronchi; with dislodgment of tenacious mucus or pus, which must be swallowed; spasmodic, with gagging, or vomiting of ingesta and sour phlegm; tormenting, gets nothing up, sometimes feels as if a tough membrane was moved about, but would not loosen.
Cough affecting chest, caused by tickling in throat.
Convulsive and tickling cough at night. ~ Coryza.
During cough: sparks dart from eyes; rough pain in larynx; scratching and stinging in throat and chest; pain in abdomen and in hemorrhoidal tumors; stitches in rectum; nausea, retching, vomiting; stitches in right side of chest (lower part); wheezing in chest; asthma.
Cough so violent as to cause vomiting.
Suffocative and choking cough at 5 A. M., as from dryness in larynx; cannot speak on account of cramp in chest, with redness of face and perspiration over whole body.
Evening and morning dry cough with burning in chest.
Great dryness of throat between 2 and 3 A. M.; awakes with a dry cough at 2 A. M.; coughs about an hour; scanty, yellow expectoration; cough causes gagging; hard, caked swelling of left submaxillary glands; pulse 86, weak.
Cough at 3 A. M., repeated every half hour.
Dry, hard cough, somewhat troublesome during night, but much agg. at 4 A. M.; no expectoration; stitching pain in left side, which goes up back, when coughing or taking a long breath.
Dry cough at night, waking from sleep, with acute pain in chest on coughing; little cough during day.
Dry cough with nightly diarrhea.
Dry, hacking cough. ~ Metrorrhagia.
Dry, short cough. ~ Pleurisy.
Fatiguing cough in evening.
Violent cough evenings, after lying some time in bed.
Awakened at night by cough.
Sensation of lump rolling over and over on coughing, rising from right abdomen to throat and back again.
Whooping cough: agg. at 3 A. M.; gagging and vomiting; inflammation of lungs; bag-like swelling between upper lids and eyebrows.
Cough agg. by day and accompanied by pains in both sides of abdomen like two knives going inward towards each other, doubling her up, amel. by pressing with hands; constant raw pains in pit of stomach, agg. on coughing; awakes between 5 and 6 A. M., with aggravation of cough and pain in stomach and abdomen; sputa, smoke colored round lumps, a little streaked with blood, and come flying out of mouth with force without effort; cough causes sweat and exhaustion.
After measles, short, teasing cough, two or three paroxysms in rapid succession, dry, as if a membrane prevented breathing in trachea, or as if some tough mucus was moved about by cough without being able to expectorate it; agg. eating or drinking; vomiting; pain in lower part of chest where percussion is dull, with normal sound in upper part; pressure in chest with fits of suffocation in morning; general malaise; heat; headache; no appetite; dry stool; pale face; small and irregular pulse; skin always dry.
After pneumonia; coughs up great masses of blood and pus; night sweat; sleepless.
Short, teasing cough.
During evening cough, after lying down, he can raise better if he turns from left to right side.
Dislodged mucus falls back into stomach.
Expectoration: tastes like old cheese; sourish; of small round lumps; of blood streaked mucus; of pus.


Chest feels weak, faint from walking fast.
Spasms of chest.
Cutting pain in chest: in evening, after lying down; does not know how she shall lie; agg. lying on right side; in morning; in lower part of chest, especially in left side; moving into epigastrium and leaving a stinging sensation in left half of chest.
Stitches in sides of chest, on inspiration.
Stitching pain in lower portion of right lung. ~ Pleurisy.
Stitches beneath left mamma, at times extending upward from low down in chest.
Stitches under left mamma, and sometimes descending deep into chest; also in evening.
Dull, painful stitches in chest, from without inward, under left clavicle, going off for a short while by pressing on parts in evening.
Dull stitches deep in left chest under short ribs.
Sticking pressure in left side of chest, on deep breathing.
Sticking pressure in right side of chest.
Pressure in middle of chest, with gulping of watery phlegm; stricture of esophagus.
Pressure in whole left side of chest.
Pressure, heaviness, anxious feeling in chest.
Throbbing in left side, near pit of stomach.
Chest becomes very sore, especially on talking.
Sore pain in upper part of chest, on breathing, touching, or lifting anything heavy.
Pain through lower third of right chest to back.
Pain as if lower lobe of right lung was adhering to ribs.
Dry cough day and night, with vomiting of ingesta and some phlegm; agg. after eating and drinking and in forenoon; during cough face gets dark red, otherwise it is pale; eyelids red and swollen; breathing short and anxious; heat, thirst without desire to drink; during day chilliness; cold extremities; crying all day; restless sleep, interrupted with crying and coughing; much yawning and sneezing; watery diarrhea; discharge of worms. ~ Catarrh of chest.
Dyspnea, agg. in spells, caused by cough, motion and drinking; breathing wheezing, labored, whistling during inspiration; face purple, bloated; region of stomach distended; arms twitch and hands move convulsively.
Difficult breathing, cannot walk fast; right lung hepatized; pulse 106, small and hard; cannot lie on right side, feels best lying on left side. ~ Pneumonia.
Pneumonia, with stitches through right chest, hepatic inflammation; right lung hepatized; agg. lying on right side.
Pneumonia after measles; dry, hacking cough; fever; headache; stitches and pressing in chest; short breathing, wheezing, rattling; dry skin; great thirst; whitish grey tongue; loss of appetite; cough agg. towards morning, almost choking, agg. from eating or drinking, causing vomiting; pain in lower part of chest, with dull percussion sound; pulse small, and somewhat irregular; face pale; skin dry; stool dry.
Infantile pneumonia, much rattling during resolution.
During resolution; exudate considerable, and sometimes on both sides; great bubbling and rattling noise; great dyspnea, preventing child from sleeping and drinking; puffiness, with cyanosis of hands and feet; tormenting cough, which, however, brings none of tough phlegm away; diarrhea. ~ Pneumonia.
Pleurisy; stitches in left chest, with violent palpitation; dry cough, agg. 3 A. M.; stitches in lower right lung; after Acon., when severe stitching pains and difficult respiration continue or return; left side particularly affected; palpitation of heart; dry, suppressed cough; exudation on right side; during course of tuberculosis.
Predominant stitches; incipient pulmonary phthisis with exhausting, dry cough, short breathing; purulent expectoration, weakness and emaciation.
In beginning of phthisis, when there is occasional discharge of masses resembling pus; transient stitches through chest; dry, distressing cough; great debility and emaciation; during disorganizing stage of tubercles.
Profuse expectoration of whitish yellow pus with cough, 3-4 vessels being filled daily; agg. at night; pressure and heaviness in head; vertigo when moving; pinching and gripping in chest with pains about epigastrium and much cough; occasionally expectoration is difficult; whistling wheezing in chest; great dyspnea; in afternoon much chilliness, in morning and at night fever with sweat; congestion; pains in limbs; tearing, stitching pains in eyes and ears, always on same side; obstinate constipation; prostration so great he must remain in bed; face earthy; pulse changeable; offensive smelling sweat; second stage. ~ Phthisis.
Stitching pain in temples, eyes, ears, teeth, chest and different parts of body; after dinner nausea, faintishness, sleep; about noon, chilliness; at night, heat; about 3 o'clock A. M., cough agg.; nursing mothers. ~ Phthisis.
After pneumonia, dry, spasmodic, distressing cough; great emaciation, eyes and cheeks sunken; great depression of mind and fear of death; painful oppression and scanty breath; cough, agg. after midnight, causing sleeplessness; cough short, hollow, painful, paroxysmal; expectoration of yellow pus, streaked with blood or containing small lumps of blood; great difficulty in expectorating loosened discharge; profuse night sweats; digestive disturbances; painful diarrhea alternating with constipation; pressure in occiput.
Cough agg. from any exertion and agg. when lying down; green scabs are sometimes coughed up, and frequently hard, round, white masses fly from mouth when coughing or hawking; burning in top of head and soles of feet; sweaty palms; circumscribed red spot on one cheek; has attacks of gastric disorder which begin with belching of putrid gas, tasting like rotten eggs and ending with watery diarrhea, agg. in morning; gets hungry and faint about 10 A. M.; contraction of heel cords; eruption of minute vesicles upon soles of feet; canker sores in mouth; gums bleed easily; trembling sensation through entire body, agg. through pelvic region; menses scanty and late; weeps very easily while stating her symptoms. ~ Phthisis.
Acts on lower part of right lung.
Far advanced phthisis; expectoration of pus and blood; diarrhea; night sweats; loss of appetite; falling away of intercostal spaces; prostration.
Pleuritis of tuberculous patients; affects especially clavicular region.
Persons suffering from ulceration of lungs can scarcely get well without this antipsoric. Hahnemann.
Far advanced hydrothorax; patient draws breath with difficult and anxiety; hippocratic countenance.


Stitches about heart and through to scapula.
Palpitation: in spells, taking his breath; frequent and violent; on least exertion; with ebullitions, on waking.
Pale greyish color of face; scanty menses; spell of palpitation of heart; pressure and heaviness in chest; evening chilliness; stitch pain and great anxiety in pit of stomach and through chest; throat as if squeezed together, as if lungs were in throat; good appetite, but after eating pressure in stomach and chest, and gagging; shudders frequently; has dizziness in walking; nausea; cold feet; pulse feeble, uneven.
Heart's action intermittent, irregular, tumultuous, weak.
Stitching pains in right side, commencing in back and going through chest, agg. at night, when lying down or rising; dry, hard cough, especially agg. 3 A. M.; a blowing noise and a louder secondary tick of pulmonary artery; shortness of breath early in morning; dyspnea during fast walking; great pain in chest, especially when talking; sharp aching behind sternum, when breathing; painful throbbing in clavicle, shoulders, side of abdomen, etc.; frequent intermission of beats of heart; crampy pain in or about heart, as if it was hanging by bands firmly drawn around; pain agg. taking strong inspiration, or when coughing, not during exercise; burning in region of heart; both arms go to sleep even after violent exercise; pulsative pains in upper arms, at intervals; cold hands. ~ Angina pectoris.
After taking cold frequent desire to swallow saliva, but often cannot do it, it then causes a choking in throat; can swallow food and drink; heart beats quicker; he feels weak; lying on right side, heart feels suspended to left ribs and seems dragging them to right side; pain as if lower lobe of right lung was adhering to ribs; difficulty of breathing; has only been able to sleep sitting up, otherwise saliva would run down throat; heart's action irregular, tumultuous; systolic murmur loudest at apex.
Systolic murmur; stitch pains; second tick loud from pulmonary stagnation; endocarditis.
In place of first tick, a blowing noise and a louder second tick of pulmonary artery. ~ Endocarditis.
Insufficiency of mitral valves.
Pulse: rapid mornings, less so evenings; unequal, irregular; intermitting; slow and weak.
Ebullitions, with heat from abdomen to head; pulsations.
Tendency to fatty degeneration of heart.


Falling away of intercostal spaces. ~ Pulmonary tuberculosis.
Small pimples on chest and back.


Stiffness in nape of neck, morning in bed.
Back of neck stiff; shooting pains through chest; uvula elongated.
Stiffness in left nape and down left inner scapula, agg. after waking up and after laughing.
Stiffness between shoulder blades.
Neck feels large, clothing tight; congestion.
Swelling of cervical glands.
Tickling in glandular swelling of neck amel. on pressing with cold hand.
Pimples on nape of neck.
Stitches in right scapula on breathing.
Tearing in right scapula, in morning.
Stinging pain as from blows and bruises, in right scapula, when in motion; may be felt as far as chest.
Violent stinging pain as from a sprain in left scapula, extending into chest.
Stitch from apex of scapula to pit of stomach, during fatiguing labor.
Burning tearing near right side of spine, above small of back.
Drawing pain in small of back.
Pain in small of back agg. after standing or walking.
Pain in small of back after a fall.
Feeling in morning as if small of back was pressed inward from both sides. ~ Uterine displacement.
Hard pressure in small of back.
Sharp pains in small of back, with very acute labor-like pains running through to front at intervals of a few minutes, occasionally shooting down to glutei muscles.
Pressure or stitches in region of both kidneys.
Backache; while walking, she feels as if she must give up and lie down.
Bruised pain in back, during rest.
Occasional stitch from small of back, through left side of abdomen, toward chest.
Sharp, stitching pains awaken him 3 A. M., he must get up and walk about; pains shoot from loins into nates; pulse weak, soft. ~ Lumbago.
Stitching and shooting pains in back, shooting down into gluteal region or hips.
Back aches as if broken.
Tearing in lumbar muscles, impeding respiration.
Great weakness in small of back and lower limbs.
Stiffness and pain in small of back. ~ Amenorrhea.
Pain across sacrum like labor pains; feeling of tightening of skin of lower abdomen; feeling of weight in abdomen on walking, and especially on standing.
Gnawing in os coccygis.


Tearing in left shoulder joint.
Pain, as from blows, under right shoulder, when moving or touching it.
Cracking in shoulder joint, when moving or raising arm.
Axillary glands swollen, painful.
Sweat in axillae.
Weakness and loss of power in arms.
Weakness in arms, mornings; arms feel numb, cold, go to sleep when lain on.
Pulsating pain in left upper arm by pauses.
Drawing and tearing in elbows; stiffness.
Weakness, with cramps in hand and fingers; paresis.
Hands fall asleep.
Hands tremble when writing, mornings.
Laming pain in wrists.
Hands and arms covered with purplish spots.
Skin on hands rough and chapped.
Palms itch; vesicles form.
Dull, pressive tearing in hands, between thumb and index finger.
Cramping of fingers while sewing.
Burning pain like glowing coals, two fingers of left hand.
Stitching tearing extending into finger joints.
Finger tips go to sleep early in morning.
Spreading vesicles on left index finger; discharge watery.


Crampy tearing in hip joint and knee; bruised pain when moving or sneezing. ~ Coxalgia.
Paralytic weakness in hip joint.
Pains in right leg, which is a fingers' breadth longer than left; gluteo femoral fold almost obliterated; very weak, cannot stand alone, has not taken a step for eight months; spine curved; every change of position causes a pitiable cry. ~ Morbus coxarius.
Left lower extremity elongated about two fingers' breadth; gluteo femoral crease obliterated; knees slightly flexed as if anchylosed, permitting neither flexion nor extension of leg; violent lancinating pains in thigh and knee. ~ Morbus coxarius.
For last ten days would not walk; considerable lengthening of right lower extremity; folds of nates almost obliterated; touch not painful. ~ Morbus coxarius.
Sharp drawing pains in right knee and thigh; affected leg about three fingers' breadth longer than sound one; nates flattened; movement of joint painful, although pressure caused no discomfort; pulse feverish; loss of appetite; tongue coated white; pains agg. at night; little sleep. ~ Morbus coxarius.
Pains and heaviness in left thigh, agg. walking, and especially by forced marches; left leg a finger's length longer than right, and head of femur partly forced out of acetabulum, threatening luxation. ~ Morbus coxarius.
Twitching of thigh muscles. ~ Coxalgia.
Lower extremities frequently fall asleep.
Feeling of numbness and great inclination of whole right leg to fall asleep.
Paralytic drawing in whole thigh.
Jerkings in muscles of thighs.
Pains shoot down backs of thighs. ~ Lumbago.
Cramp in right thigh and calf woke him twice at night.
Swelling, heat and redness of thighs. ~ Pleurisy.
Difficulty in knees on going down stairs, and still more on going up.
Dull pains in side of knee, walking or extending leg.
Frequent tearing in knees.
Nightly rheumatic pains in legs.
Restlessness of legs in evening.
Tearing in both tibiae, with pain in periosteum when touched and a feeling of tension when walking.
Drawing and tearing in bones of legs.
Drawing pain in tibia with aching in joints; ulcerative pain on pressure.
Burning and stinging in legs and feet.
Creepy chilly sensation on shins.
Herpes on legs and thighs.
Vesicles on tibia, with inflamed areola.
Frequent tearing in ankles.
Tearing on inside of foot and on sole.
Feet heavy, stiff; fall asleep after dinner.
Swelling of legs or of feet to ankles.
Feet cold in evening in bed.
Edema of left foot, extending to right and upwards, becoming general. ~ Nephritis.
Profuse fetid foot sweat; suppressed foot sweat.
Tearing in toes; in first phalanx of great toe.
Stinging and burning in ball of great toe.
Violent itching on great toe, beneath nail, with pain when touched.


Pains mostly in upper arms and lower part of legs, agg. on going to sleep.
Uneasiness in limbs, in evening; is obliged to move them about.
Heaviness in limbs; she is scarcely able to lift feet.
Jerking of legs on falling asleep.
Drawing, tearing, stitching pains in limbs.
Limbs pain when resting them upon any object.
Limbs fall asleep while lying.
Pressive pain in joints.
Sticking in joints and tendons.
Cracking in joints on motion.
Extremities very tired, with nightly diarrhea and asthmatic cough.
Limbs tired and cold.
Puffiness; hands and feet cyanotic.
Spasmodic contraction of fingers and toes.


Rest: bruised pain in back.
On lying down: cannot get her breath; cough agg.; stitching pains in right side agg.; chill amel.
After lying down: cutting pains in chest; does not know how she shall lie; during evening cough; can raise better if he turns from left to right side.
Cannot sleep on back in night.
Lying on right side: pain in chest agg.; heart feels suspended to left ribs.
Can lie only on right side.
Cannot lie on right side, feels best when lying on left side.
When lying on arm: it feels numb, cold, goes to sleep.
Desire to lie down.
Must lie down: when vertigo comes on.
Could lie down in the street while walking, to obtain relief from backache.
If he does not at once lie down, he gets such a vertigo, that everything seems to be whirling round, and even if he catches hold of something he falls to the ground, where he lies with staring eyes.
Cannot stand alone: right leg longer than left.
Sitting: feeling of tension of lower abdomen; the only position in which patient could sleep; severe pain in left hypochondrium.
Must sit stooped forward with elbows on knees, and face in palms of hands.
Must sit bent over pressing with both hands, or lean far back for relief, cannot sit upright, with backache.
Must lean forward; on account of severe pain in pit of stomach; asthma.
Stooping: stitches in forehead agg.; dizziness; pain at pit of stomach agg.; vertigo; wabbling in stomach; wrenching pain in liver; pressure in lower part of abdomen.
When assuming a straight position or when bending backward; marked relief of pain.
Raising head: stitches in forehead amel.
Motion: headache with vertigo; agg. pain in tumors on scalp; severe pressure in stomach agg.; wabbling in stomach; stitches in lumbar region agg.; stitch pain in abdomen agg.; dyspnea; stinging pain in right scapula; of arm causes cracking in shoulder joint; causes bruised pain in legs; of joint of leg causes pain; cracking in joints; chilliness.
From slightest motion: lassitude and weakness in legs agg.
Any exertion: asthma agg.; cough agg.; palpitation.
Rising: stitching pains in right side agg.
Moving head, eyes and jaw: stitches in forehead agg.
Turning head or body: produces vertigo.
Raising arms: causes cracking of shoulder joints.
Scarcely able to lift foot: on account of heaviness of limbs.
Extending leg: causes dull pains in side of knee.
In moving about room: stooped forward steadying body by placing hands on knees to guard against any sudden motion.
Any unguarded motion: stitches agg.
Walking: causes vertigo; obstruction in nose amel.; respiration oppressed; difficult, anxious breathing; sensation of unsteadiness of heart; feeling of tension of lower abdomen; pains in left hypochondrium agg.; backache; brings on sickness during pregnancy; tension across chest, on expiration; respiration heavy, oppressed; asthma agg.; dizziness; dyspnea; pain in small of back agg.; feels as though she must lie down; feels a tightness of skin of abdomen; pain in thigh agg.; dull pain in knee; feeling of tension in both tibiae; irksome, limbs heavy; walks floor back and forth for relief.
During a walk: sick, no vomiting.
Must get up and walk: on account of sharp, stitching pains in back.
Going up and down stairs difficult: on account of knee symptoms.
Rapid walking: weakness and weariness of chest.
During fatiguing labor: stitch from apex of scapula to pit of stomach.
Violent exercise does not prevent arms from going asleep.

NERVES. [36]

Sudden shrieking; redness of face and eyes; striking about with hands; grasping at head and chest, and incoherent talk; sees figures, old repulsive persons which fill her with fear; head hot, temperature of rest of body being normal; spasmodic flexion of fingers; after one to five minutes attack passes off, followed by headache, spasmodic constriction of chest and general sweat; attacks come on several times during night or in daytime; several days before attack, headache, loss of appetite and nausea; during intermediate time perfectly well. ~ Hysteria.
Cannot bear to be touched; starts when touched ever so lightly, especially on feet.
Twitching here and there in muscles.
Spasms, with full consciousness; puerperal spasms seem to pass off with frequent eructations.
Frequent exhaustion, feels she must lie down or sit.
Whole body heavy or broken down; it is only with great effort she can make any exertion. ~ After labor.
Complete exhaustion. ~ Icterus. ~ Tuberculosis.
Debility and desire to lie down.
Heaviness, especially of feet; walking becomes irksome.
Paresis; trembling.
Paralytic conditions which slowly and insidiously develop; attacks of vertigo in open air; finally paralysis of lower limbs, upper limbs also becoming involved.

SLEEP. [37]

Yawns continually. ~ Sick headache. ~ Blepharitis. ~ Infantile catarrh.
Great sleepiness; during day and early in evening; while eating; after eating, with chilliness and yawning.
Unable to fall asleep before 11 or 12 o'clock.
Wakes about 1 or 2 A. M., cannot sleep again.
Awakening between 2 and 4 A. M., with nearly all ailments, but especially those of throat and chest.
Aroused by asthma.
No sleep; gastric ailments.
Restless sleep.
During sleep: starting; limbs twitch; gnashing teeth; crying; talking.
Frequent awakening, with desire to urinate.
Anxious dreams.
Dreams: of water; thieves; ghosts; diseases; dead people; misfortunes; erotic, imaginative, fantastic, sentimental.

TIME. [38]

Morning: vertigo; headache with vertigo; scalp itches and burns; perspiration on forehead; eye symptoms agg.; expectoration of phlegm; eyelids agglutinated; face bloated; tenacious mucus in fauces; eructations; headache begins; cough agg.; dry cough, with burning; exhausted; pains in stomach generally agg.; headache on awaking; increased sexual desire, with sensation of thrill as during an embrace; intense thirst; choking and gagging unto vomiting; leucorrhea agg.; shortness of breath; asthma agg.; dry cough with burning in chest; pressure in chest, with fits of suffocation; cough agg.; fever with sweat; gastric disorders; shortness of breath; pulse rapid; stiffness of neck; tearing in right scapula; feeling as if small of back was pressed inward from both sides; weakness in arms; hands tremble when writing; finger tips go to sleep; chilliness; heat; sweat; headache rouses him.
At 2 A. M.: pressing tensive pain in stomach awakens; dry cough awakes him.
At 2 or 3 A. M.: awakened by tensive pain at pit of stomach; great dryness of throat; scarlet fever agg.
Between 2 and 4 A. M. awakes with all ailments.
At 3 A. M.: terrible attacks of asthma: whooping cough agg.; dry cough agg.; stitching pain awakens him, must get up and walk; aggravation regularly.
At 3 or 4 A. M. diarrhea agg.
At 5 A. M.: suffocating and choking cough.
Between 5 and 6 A. M. awakes with aggravation of cough.
At 9 A. M.: headache worst.
At 10 A. M.: gets hungry and faint.
Forenoon: dry cough agg.
Noon: intense thirst; chilliness; headache amel.
Early part of day: hawking of mucus.
During day: great deal of yawning; toothache amel.; chilliness; sleepy; burning at anus; diarrhea agg.; cough agg.; dry cough; crying; sleepiness; frequent shudderings.
Day: severe cough.
Afternoon: drawing in forehead; much chilliness; nausea.
Evening: vertigo; scalp itches and burns; fever and thirst: violent fluent coryza; pressive toothache; toothache in bed; dryness in mouth; takes a long while to fall asleep; cough agg.; dry cough with burning in chest; eruption on back and thighs itches greatly; chilliness; diarrhea agg.; pains in left hypochondrium agg.; headache amel.; offensive breath agg.; asthma; dry cough with burning in chest; fatiguing cough; violent cough after lying some time in bed; stitches beneath left mamma; dull stitches in chest amel.; pulse less rapid; restlessness of legs; feet cold; uneasiness of limbs; sleepiness; chills begin; fever.
Night: delirium; sharp tearing in right orbit and eye; cannot sleep on back; severe cutting, lancinating pain in pit of stomach agg.; mouth, throat and lips dry; sleepless, then headache; sometimes vertigo; frequent desire to pass urine; sharp aching in hypochondrium agg.; rheumatic gnawing pains about shoulders and joints; stitching pain in right side agg.; diarrhea; cannot sleep on account of intolerable suffering; obliged to urinate frequently; restlessness; chilliness; intense thirst; convulsive and tickling cough; severe cough; arrest of breathing awaking him; asthma; dry, hard cough somewhat troublesome, but much agg. at 4 A. M.; awakened by cough; sweats; dry cough; expectoration agg.; fever with sweat; heat; stitching pains in right side agg.; pains in leg agg.; ulcers bleeding.
Midnight: drawing in forehead.
After midnight: severe cutting pains in pit of stomach agg.; cough agg.


Very much inclined to take cold.
Heat: stitches in forehead and temples amel.; pain in tumors on scalp amel.
Warm applications: cause pain to move to other places.
Warm drinks: agg. sweat.
Warm room: chill amel.
In room: obstruction of nose returns.
Open air: despondent; aching in occiput amel.; obstruction in nose amel.; vertigo; chill agg.
Change of air: sensitive to.
Anything cold or warm: agg. toothache.
Draft: easily gives cold, toothache and headache.
Windy weather: gnawing in shoulders and joints agg.
Damp weather: pressure in stomach agg.; rheumatic gnawing about shoulders and joints agg.
Washing face: causes nosebleed.
Washing in cold water: red spots on face.
Sitting in cold water: temporarily amel. feeling of red hot poker thrust up rectum.
Cold water: drinking amel. jerking in head; while overheated, difficult respiration, pyrosis.
Cold air: stitching pain in right side agg.
When cold and damp have induced vascular irritation; chronic bronchitis.

FEVER. [40]

Frequent shuddering during day.
Great chilliness.
Chilly in morning, also about noon.
Chill: agg. outdoors; begins toward evening, amel. near warm stove and after lying down.
Chilliness: after eating; on every motion, even in bed.
Chill after the pains. ~ Labor.
Cold hands and cold feet in bed.
Heat during morning hours, beginning in bed.
Heat with long yawning, stitching pain in head and chest, pulsations in abdomen.
Internal heat, external chilliness.
Chill and heat, with dyspnea.
Evening fever; chilly with thirst, then heat without thirst; with violent, fluent coryza; later slight sweat, with sound sleep.
Constant chilliness, violent thirst from internal heat; hot hands; loathing of food.
Chill and fever, with oppression of breathing, constriction of chest, pain in region of liver, thirst agg. during chill.
Entire want of perspiration.
Sweat: on every mental exertion, reading, writing; mostly on upper parts; every night; all night without relief; in morning; after eating; agg. by warm drinks; easily excited by exercise; offensive or sour smelling; of axillae and perineum.
Night sweats, with cough. ~ After pneumonia. ~ Phthisis.
Type: quotidian; same time every day.
Intermittent fevers with whooping cough.
After taking cold in a draft of air, and becoming heated, heaviness of limbs, tearing in whole body and head, roaring in ears, general coldness, during following night sour smelling perspiration.
Chill severe, shaking him dreadfully for two hours; after chill, nausea and vomiting of bile; during chill and fever breathes very quick, from oppression of chest, cannot well talk on account of oppression; is not restless, but suffers from anguish; lies quiet; much thirst; no sleep, perspires all night; no appetite; pain in liver, which seems to be smaller than usual. ~ Ague.
Fever, lasting from morning till noon, beginning with chilliness, heat in head, headache, thirst, swelling and redness of face, and lasting till noon, with loss of appetite; afternoon free, with exception of debility and sensitiveness to change of air, ends at night with slight perspiration; during paroxysms, headache, stitches and pressure in forehead and eyes; pains deep in eyes, with photophobia and lachrymation; pain at first pressing, then stitching, bringing tears to eyes; sparks before eyes, and staring look; after half an hour, dimness and mist before eyes; upper eyelids swollen; face red, hot; headache rouses him out of sleep in morning, agg. in intensity up to 9 A. M.; thirst; roaring and swashing noises in ears; towards noon amel., but again agg. by taking solids or fluids into stomach; for last two days it never ceased during day and rendered nights sleepless; coughing or sneezing renders headache nearly unbearable.
Chill every morning till noon; slight perspiration at night; headache; stitch pain and pressure in front of head down into eyes; pain deep in eyes, with photophobia and lachrymation; pain first pressing, then stitch-like, causes to cry; flashes like lightning and sparks in eyes; staring look; half an hour afterwards foggy and dark before eyes; upper lids swollen; face red and hot; headache awakens him in morning out of sleep, agg. coughing and sneezing; urine red yellow; stool dry.
Chilliness with headache, pressure and stitch pain in front of head, in temples, extending into eyes; can scarcely see; must shut eyes; vertigo; nausea; swelling of eyelids, of left cheek and upper lip, with burning, thirst and heat. ~ Catarrhal fever.
After catching cold, vomiting; headache; nervousness and irritability; pale face; anorexia; pulse intermittent; disease finally becoming typhoid in character.
Intermitting pulse, vomiting, headache, nervousness, easily frightened, pale, sickly complexion. ~ Typhoid.


Pains recur at 2 or 3 A. M., so that he is unable to remain lying, and are agg. than during day while moving about.
Two or three paroxysms of short, teasing cough in rapid succession.
At intervals: pinching, tearing pain in left temple; pulsative pains in upper arms; sharp pains running from back through to front of abdomen.
Every half hour after 3 A. M.: cough.
Every two or three hours: asthma returns.
An hour or two before a passage: feels distressed.
Several times a day: vertigo.
Three times at night: urine passes.
Several times in one night or day: hysteria.
Twice in one night: awakened by cramps in right thigh and calf.
Every morning: bloody, red nostrils; at 9 A. M., nosebleed; pressing in forehead and vertex, vertigo; chill till noon.
Nightly: diarrhea; rheumatic pains in legs; sweats.
Every three or four days; scanty, hard, lumpy stool.
Every eight or ten days: stools of large lumps.
One week before menses; feels very badly.
Every four weeks: leucorrheal discharge.
Every year when frost sets in: stitching pain reappears.
For two hours: violent chill.
From morning till noon: fever.
For two days: headache did not cease.
For last ten days: would not walk.
For several weeks: nightly diarrhea.
For eight months: has not taken a step.

Right: milky whitish spot near middle of cornea; sees as if through fog or smoke; cracking in ear; sharp tearing in orbit and eye; lids of eye inflamed; ear hot; parotid swollen, inflamed, hard; dragging or creeping on side; pressure agg. in hypochondrium; pressure as if starting from breast; painful stitches in lumbar region; stitch pain in side of chest through to shoulder; can lie only on side; stitching pain in right side; stitching pain through shoulder and shoulder blade; stitch pain in side of abdomen; edema of foot; as of lump rising from side of abdomen to throat; lying on side pain in chest agg.; stitching pain in lower portion of lung; sticking pressure in side of chest; pain through lower third of chest to back; pain as if lower lobe of lung was adhering to ribs; lung hepatized; cannot lie on side; stitches through chest; exudation in tuberculosis; stitching pains in side from back through to chest; lying on side heart feels suspended to left ribs; stitches in scapula; tearing in scapula; stinging pain in scapula; burning tearing near side of spine; pains as from blows under shoulder; pains in leg; sharp drawing pains in knee and thigh; leg inclined to go to sleep; cramps in thigh and calf; edema; swelling of parotid gland; swelling of face beginning at eye.
Left: pinching, tearing pain in temple; tearing drawing in half of head; cheek swollen; ear pale and cold; sensation as if a stick extended from throat to side of abdomen; cutting in side of stomach and pressure spreads to ribs; cutting pain in side of upper abdomen, extending from lower portion of chest; tensive pain in kidney; edema of foot; dragging in testicle; severe pains in hypochondrium; severe pain in side of forehead; tearing in labium; hard caked swelling of submaxillary gland; stitching pain in side, cutting pains in chest; stinging sensation in half of chest; stitches beneath mamma; dull stitches under clavicle; dull stitches deep in chest under short ribs; sticking pressure in side of chest; pressure in whole side of chest; throbbing in side, near pit of stomach; feels best lying on left side; stitches in chest; when lying on right side heart feels suspended to ribs and seems dragging them to right side; stiffness of nape and down inner scapula; violent stinging pain in scapula; stitch from small of back through side of abdomen; tearing in shoulder joint; burning pain in two fingers; spreading vesicles on index finger; leg little longer than right; pains and heaviness of thigh; edema of foot; erysipelatous inflammation on arm.
From right to left side: edematous swelling under eyebrows.
From within outward: stitches in ear.
From without inward: stitches in chest.
From behind forward: jerking in head.
From upper to lower parts: rheumatism.


Feeling of emptiness in whole body as if it was hollow.
Stitches in stomach, abdomen and back.
Pains: stitching, darting, agg. during rest and lying on affected side.
(In sick:) Sticking, stitching pains.
Pinching pain in internal parts.
Sensation of a lump rolling over and over on coughing, rising from right abdomen up to throat then back again.
Feeling as if bed was sinking from under her.
Vertigo, as if proceeding from stomach; dullness as after intoxication and as if ears were stopped up; as if head was too light; as of a hot body having descended into it when stooping; as if something was loose in head; itching as if in bones; sees as if through a fog; eyes as if pressed inward; tip of tongue burns as if raw; as if a fish bone was sticking in throat; as of a lump in pharynx; throat feels as if squeezed; as if lungs came into throat; as if a stick with ball at each end extended from throat to abdomen; pressing of a stone in forehead and vertex; feels as if she must lie down; stomach feels as if it would burst; as if stomach was full of water; stomach feels as if it was cut to pieces; in middle of chest feeling as of a hard ball; pressure as if starting from right breast; as if abdomen was torn to pieces; as if intestinal canal was full of water; as if cold fluid passed through intestines; as if rectum was too weak to expel stool; anus feels as if lacerated; as if anus was fissured; as if red hot poker was thrust up rectum; scrotum feels as if bruised; small of back as though it was pressed in from both sides; like a weight in small of back; as if everything would push out at genitals; as if she would lie down and die; as if body was hollow; as if a heavy weight came down into pelvis low down; dry cough as if a membrane prevented breathing, in trachea, or as if some tough membrane was moved about by cough; as if there was no air in chest; pain like two knives going inward towards each other; as if lower lobe of right lung was adhering to ribs; throat as if squeezed together; as if lungs were in throat; as if heart was held by bands firmly drawn round; neck as if large; tearing in right scapula as from blows and bruises; stinging as from a sprain in left scapula; back aches as if broken; liver as if smaller than usual.
Pain: in forehead; in ears; deep in eyes; in teeth; in back; from back into buttocks and thighs; in limbs; in facial bones; in throat extending to stomach; in centre of chest; in cul de sac radiating to chest; in stomach; in sacrum; in small of back; in pit of stomach; in left hypochondrium; in liver; through to back; in lower extremities; in hepatic and umbilical region; on both sides of inferior parts of stomach down into bladder and testes; in hemorrhoids during cough; in loins; in abdomen; in head; moves over ribs to back; on both sides of abdomen; in lower part of chest where percussion is dull; through lower third of right chest to back; in small of back; across sacrum; under right shoulder; in right leg; in left thigh; in region of liver.
Excruciating pain: in throat when swallowing.
Violent pain: in back.
Severe pain: in abdomen; in left side of forehead; in small of back.
Great pain: in chest.
Very acute labor-like pains: from back through to front.
Acute pain: in chest.
Sharp pains: in left hypochondrium; in small of back.
Violent lancinating pain: in thigh and knee.
Lancinating: in teeth; in pit of stomach; in anus.
Sharp, cutting pain: across lumbar region or passing off down buttocks.
Cutting: in stomach; in left side of stomach; all over abdomen; left side of abdomen from lower portion of left chest; in intestines; in anus; in neck and region of bladder; in urethra; in chest.
Slight cutting: about umbilicus.
Tearing pain: in left temple; in ears; in limbs; in anus; neck and region of bladder; in urethra; in left labium; in right scapula; in lumbar muscles; in left shoulder joint; in elbows; in knees; in both tibiae; in bones of legs; in ankle; in inside of foot and on soles; in toes; in first phalanx of great toe; in limbs; in whole body.
Tearing stitches: from a molar into forehead; in mamma; in eyes; in ears; into finger-joints.
Sharp tearing: in right orbit.
Burning tearing: near right side of spine.
Crampy tearing: in hip joint and knees.
Drawing tearing: in forehead; in eyes; in root of nose; in left side of head; in bones of legs.
Dull, pressive tearing; in hands between thumb and index finger.
Shooting pain: in forehead; in root of nose and eyes; in epigastrium; in abdomen; over abdomen through chest; to glutei muscles; from loins into nates; down backs of thighs.
Sharp shooting pains: from upper dorsal spine into occiput.
Stitches: in forehead; in temples; in eyes; root of nose; in occiput; in eyes; in middle of eye; in ears; in teeth; in pit of stomach; in stomach; in back and chest; in right lumbar and region of liver; in right side; in lower abdomen; in groins; in the varices; in anus; in region of the kidneys; through abdomen; through vulva; in and about uterus; in rectum; in right side of chest; beneath left mamma, at times extending upwards from low down in chest; through right chest; in left chest; in lower lung; about heart through to scapula; in right scapula; from apex of scapula to pit of stomach; in region of kidneys; from molar into temples; in right side from back through to chest; in knees; in lower right lung; in limbs; in abdomen.
Darting stitching: all over abdomen.
Transient stitches: through chest.
Occasional stitch: from small of back through left side of abdomen, toward chest.
Dull stitches: in chest; deep in left chest under short ribs.
Sticking: in posterior portion of palate; in pharynx; in hepatic region; in left chest; in anus; in joints and tendons.
Sticking pressure: in left side of chest; in right side of chest.
Violent stinging pains: in left scapula.
Stinging pains: in nose; in cheeks; when swallowing; in anus; in throat and chest; in right scapula; in legs and feet; in ball of great toe; in joints and inner parts.
Stinging, burning aphthae: upon tongue, cheeks and inside of lips.
Nettle-like pains: over whole back.
Pricking pains: over whole back.
Pricking: in hemorrhoids.
Beating: in epigastrium; in scrobiculus cordis.
Violent throbbing: in stomach.
Painful throbbing: in clavicle, shoulders, side of abdomen.
Throbbing: in head; whole body; in epigastric region; in pit of stomach; in precordial region; in abdomen; in forehead; in left side, near pit of stomach.
Pulsative pains: in upper arms.
Biting pain: in eyes; in posterior portion of palate; in anus.
Burning pain: in external canthus; in back; in region of hips; on two fingers of left hand.
Pinching pain: in left temple; in hepatic region; in abdomen; after stool; in labia; in chest.
Screwing: in anus.
Wrenching pain: in liver.
Griping: in abdomen.
Grasping: very painful, extending over chest.
Gripping: in chest.
Violent colicky pains: in abdomen.
Crampy pain: in or about heart; in abdomen.
Cramping: of hands while sewing.
Cramp: in right thigh and calf.
Labor-like colic, with pain in back.
Gnawing: in vulva; in os coccygis.
Boring: in teeth.
Drawing: behind ears; in face; in teeth; in abdomen; in small of back; in elbows; in right knee and thigh; in both legs; in tibiae.
Dragging: in right side, extending to shoulder; in left testicle and penis.
Digging: in stomach.
Sore pain: in hemorrhoids; in vagina; upper chest.
Burning: in scalp; in eyes; in nose; on tip of tongue; all over inner mouth; from stomach to throat; in pit of stomach; in chest; of hemorrhoids; in hepatic region; at anus; in rectum; in urethra; in pudendum; in vulva; in top of head and soles of feet; in region of heart; in legs and feet; in ball of great toe; on skin; of herpes.
Soreness: in external canthus; of tip of tongue; in the varices; in anus; of pudendum; about genitals; in vulva; of chest.
Ulcerative pain: in legs.
Tensive pain: in pit of stomach; in left kidney.
Bruised pain: in back; in hip joint and knee.
Pressing pain: in back of head; in eyes; in forepart of head into eyes; in chest.
Pressive pain: in forehead; in root of tooth; in teeth; in chest; in stomach and scrobiculus; in liver; in limbs.
Sprained pain: in liver.
Rheumatic gnawing pains about shoulders and joints; in legs.
Sharp aching: behind sternum.
Constant raw pain: in pit of stomach.
Laming pain: in wrists.
Rough pain: in larynx.
Dull pain: in side of knee.
Heavy aching: in small of back and down buttocks.
Aching: in occiput; in pit of stomach; in epigastrium; in back; in joints of legs.
Severe pressure: in stomach; over whole skull; in small of back.
Pressure: in occiput; in stomach; in forehead, temples and eyes; in and above eyes; in chest; in pit of stomach; over chest to pit of throat; over chest, extending to back; spreads to left ribs, to liver and back; in right hypochondrium; in lower part of abdomen; in middle of chest; in side of chest; in region of kidneys; in scars.
Paralytic drawing: in whole thigh.
Heavy beating: in pit of stomach.
Jerking: in head; in muscles of thigh; of legs.
Smarting: in eyes; in both renal regions.
Tingling: in the varices.
Scraping: in larynx.
Scratching: in throat and chest.
Parched feeling: in larynx.
Tickling: in ears; in throat; in glandular swelling of neck.
Cracking: in ear.
Dryness: of nose; in mouth; in throat; in larynx.
Humming: in head.
Dullness: of head.
Sensation of lump rolling over and over, on coughing, rising from right abdomen to throat and back again.
Sensation of lump in throat.
Sensation of unsteadiness of heart.
Uneasiness: of heart; of limbs.
Weakness: in arms; in hands and fingers.
Gone feeling: in pit of stomach.
Emptiness: in pit of stomach.
Painful weight: in groins.
Painful bloatedness: in groins.
Fullness: in stomach; of abdomen; in scrobiculus cordis.
Swollen feeling: about whole epigastric region.
Great distension in abdomen.
Tension: in stomach; in pit of stomach; in legs; in scars.
Constriction: of chest.
Heaviness: of head; of limbs; in stomach; in abdomen; of chest; of left thigh; of feet.
Feeling of weight: in abdomen.
Feeling of tightening: of skin of lower abdomen.
Stiffness: in nape of neck; in left nape and down left inner scapula, between shoulder blades; small of back; feet.
Numbness of arms; of whole right leg.
Crawling: in throat; in anus.
Trembling sensation: through entire body; agg. through pelvic region.
Violent itching: in anus and scrotum.
Itching: in tumors on scalp; of scalp; in ears; in nose; on chin; about anus; in anus; on scrotum; of vulva; of skin; in pudendum; of herpes; of warts.
Creeping: in right side, extending to shoulder.
Creepy, chilly sensation on shins.


Twitching of muscles; muscles rigid; tremulous lassitude.
Atony of muscular tissue; disposition to easy overlifting.
Oppression of breathing accompanies most complaints.
Anemia, with great debility, skin watery, milky white.
Easily takes cold.
Disposition to phlebitis.
Morbus coxarius.
Dropsical affections and paralysis of old persons.
Ascites in complication with liver and heart affections, especially of old people.
Body, legs and scrotum dropsically swollen.
Rheumatism, often attacking heart, generally going from upper to lower parts; painful swelling; gout.
Stinging pains in joints and inner parts.
Swelling and induration of glands.
Bleeding, boring, burning, corroding ulcers; disposition to phlebitis; pus copious, bloody, ichorous, thin, watery.
Ulcers, bleeding at night.
Chronic catarrh, ozaena, with rheumatism or gout.
Emaciation. ~ Stricture of esophagus.


After a fall: first pain under left shoulder, afterwards small of back, into thigh, bruised feeling between shoulder blades, sometimes in both arms.
Slightest contact: agg. violent pressure over whole skull.
Slightest touch, especially on feet; makes her start.
Cannot bear to be touched.
Touch: startles; causes pain which makes patient shriek; epigastric region painful; pit of stomach sensitive; painfullness of umbilical region; abdominal muscles painful; causes sore pain in upper part of chest; of shoulder causes pain; causes tearing in both tibiae; pain in great toe; parotid gland tender.
Pressure; agg. pain in tumors on scalp; stomach sore externally; gastric region sensitive; stomach bloated and painful; lump in pit of stomach sensitive; scrobiculus cordis painful; right hypochondrium sensitive; of hands on abdomen amel. pain; dull stitches in chest amel.; tickling in glandular swelling of neck amel.; causes no discomfort in affected leg; ulcerative pain in tibia.
Can hardly bear pressure of clothing.
When resting limbs on any object, pains in them.
Driving: unsteadiness of heart.
Riding: agg. large painful hemorrhoids.
Riding in a carriage; causes headache.
After a blow on left side: nephritis.
After a fall: pain in small of back.

SKIN. [46]

Burning in various places on skin, even under axillae, as from a mustard plaster.
Dryness of skin; deficient perspiration.
Skin dry, itches; amel. from scratching.
Herpetic spots on face; old warts.
Yellow, scaly spots over abdomen or around nipples.
Burning, itching herpes; moist after scratching.
Blotches after scratching; corrosive vesicles.
Persons inclined to pulmonary troubles; eruption dry at first, but when scratched exuding a moisture. ~ Eczema.
From right to left side; edematous swelling under eyebrows; insensible and delirious; external cuticle peeling off, but skin left livid and purple; when touched ever so slightly on feet, he jerks them up, much frightened; talks of pigeons flying in room, which he tries to catch with his hands; gets regularly agg. about 3 A. M. ~ Erysipelas bullosum capitis, suppressed by salve.
Swelling of parotid gland, right side; restlessness; groaning; tossing about, agg. 2 or 3 A. M. ~ Scarlet fever.
Scarlet fever with swelling of right parotid, tender to touch, mouth sore, lips and tongue black, painful, fetid, during desquamative stage.
Secondary erysipelas in an old lady, with chronic ulcers on left limb; swelling of face, beginning about right eye, extending gradually downwards and also to left eye and left side of face; enormous bags under both eyes; also erysipelatous inflammation on left arm after being scratched by a dog, whole lower arm and hand affected; headache; loss of appetite; fever.
Itching of warts.
Tension, pressure, rending in scars.


Suitable for the aged; rather obese; lax fibre.
Dark hair, lax fibre, inclined to obesity.
Adapted to fleshy, aged people, and to complaints following parturition; diseases characterized by stitching pains.
Adapted to diseases of old people, dropsies and paralysis.
After loss of fluids, or of vitality, especially in anemia.
Child, aet. 5 days; suffocative catarrh.
Girl, aet. 20 months, lymphatic blonde, very delicate; morbus coxarius.
Child, aet. 2; catarrh on chest.
Child, aet. 3; morbus coxarius.
Girl, aet. 3 1/2, suffering eight months; morbus coxarius.
Boy, aet. 5, lymphatic, badly nourished, limping for three months; morbus coxarius.
Girl, aet. 6, after measles; cough.
Girl, aet. 6, good constitution, after measles; cough.
Girl, aet. 7, suffering six months; cough.
Girl, aet. 9, blonde, of rapid growth, affected last winter with an offensive eruption on scalp which was allowed to heal without treatment, mother asthmatic, every week; spasmodic attacks.
Boy, aet. 11, four years ago had scarlet rash, which was followed by general anasarca; affection of liver.
Boy, aet. 11, malaria nine months ago; typhoid symptoms.
Boy, aet. 11, affection of stomach.
Boy, aet. 11, lymphatic, pale, slight figure, suffering three months; morbus coxarius.
Girl, aet. 12, good constitution, nervo-sanguine temperament; morbus coxarius.
Girl, aet. 13; pleurisy.
Boy, aet. 14, sanguine lymphatic, weakened by loss of semen; morbus coxarius.
Boy, aet. 15, suffering four days; toothache.
Boy, aet. 15, sound constitution; febrile attacks.
Boy, aet. 16; dropsy.
Strong healthy girl, menses inclined to be late; urticaria.
Girl, aet. 19; amenorrhea.
Girl, aet. 20, after severe fright, three years previously; amenorrhea.
Woman, aet. 20, delicate, suffering one year; asthma.
Servant girl, aet. 20, suffering one year; gastralgia.
Girl, aet. 20, blonde; affection of fauces.
Man, aet. 20, light hair, blue eyes, scrofulous; cough.
Man, aet. 20; erysipelas.
Girl, aet. 20, delicate constitution, one year ago had asthma and pain in joints, since then suffering; gastric disturbance.
Man, aet. 20, lymphatic, in bed six weeks; morbus coxarius.
Man, aet. 21, since tenth year suffering from cough with expectoration; phthisis.
Man, aet. 21; pneumonia.
Girl, aet. 21, blonde, weakly constitution; affection of throat.
Woman, aet. 23, blonde, mother of three children, tuberculous, one year ago had abdominal troubles, for which she took much quinine, since then ill; ulcer of stomach.
Woman, nervo-bilious temperament, seven years previously was in habit of taking enormous doses of magnesia to correct acidity of stomach during pregnancy, two years later confined again, and had prolapsus uteri and leucorrhea; attacks of bilious colic for last three or four years; affection of stomach.
Woman, suffering six years; chronic catarrh.
Woman, after confinement, weakened by nursing, inclined to anemia; metrorrhagia.
Woman, after great exertions from nursing sick children and taking cold; catarrhal fever.
Anemic woman, after labor placenta retained by lower section of uterus, removed eighteen hours afterward by manipulation; uterine hemorrhage.
Woman, aet. 24, mother of three children, had inflammation of eye and ulcer on cornea, during lactation; conjunctivitis and leucoma.
Seamstress, aet. 24, atrabilious constitution, menses scanty; cardialgia and headache.
Man, aet. 28, robust, after pneumonia; cough.
Woman, aet. 29; gastricism.
Woman, aet. 30, suffering one week; cough.
Woman, aet. 32; palpitation of heart.
Woman, aet. 35, suffering eight days; affection of stomach.
Man, aet. 36, married; constipation.
Farmer, aet. 40; rheumatism.
Woman, aet. 42, weakly constitution; affection of stomach.
Woman, aet. 45, hard of hearing, rheumatic; gastric disorder.
Mower, aet. 45, after drinking cold water while overheated; affection of stomach.
Woman, aet. 51, sallow, medium flesh, expression of intense suffering; hemorrhoids.
Man, aet. 60; ague.
Woman, aet. 60, seamstress, has frequently suffered with arthritic pains; blepharitis.
Woman, aet. 65; asthma.
Old woman; asthma.
Woman, aet. 67, for thirty years subject to arthritic attacks and severe paroxysms of pain in stomach, abdomen and limbs; cardialgia.
Woman, aet. 71, just recovering from acute hepatitis, complicated by passage of biliary calculi; stitches in liver and lumbar region.


Antidoted by: Camphora, Coffea, Spir. nitr. dulc.
Compatible: following Bryon., Lycop., Natr. mur., Nitr. ac.; preceding Carbo veg., Phosphor., Fluor. ac. (coxalgia), Arsen., Lycop., Pulsat., Sepia, Sulphur.
Complementary: Carbo veg.
Compare: Natr. mur., Stannum.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 06, 1888
Description: Clinical materia medica of Kalium carbonicum
Remedies: Kalium carbonicum
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
Year: 1888
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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