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Standard name Kalium carbonicum
Other names Kali carbonicum
Standard abbr. Kali-c.
Other abbr. Kali carb.
Scientific name Potassium carbonate
Other scientific names
Common names salt of tartar; salt of wormwood; carbonate of potash
Substance description Trituration of pure Carbonate of Potassium. Hahnemann: “Half an ounce of purified tartar, moistened with a few drops of water, is pressed together into a ball, which is rolled up into a piece of paper and allowed to dry; then it is brought to a red heat between the glowing charcoal of a grate (or of a draught furnace). It is then taken out, laid in a porcelain saucer and covered with a linen cloth; it is allowed to attract moisture from the air in a cellar, which causes the alkaline salt partially to deliquesce, and, if it is allowed to stay there a few weeks, it will deposit even the last trace of lime. A clear drop of this preparation is then triturated three times with 100 grains of sugar of milk each time, within three hours, to the one millionth powder attenuation (Kali I); one grain of this third trituration is then raised by twenty-seven dilution vials to the decillionth dynamization (Kali X).”
Distinctness DISTINCT
Classification Chemical substance – Compound – Organic


Materia medica


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